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  1. Hope you enjoy them and get more use out of them than I did 👍
  2. Now on eBay, need them gone: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/293707975350
  3. I honestly can't find an example on here of anyone that's fitted them. They are 14's and ET 35. The 3 L had specially-made bridge stone tyres which are 155/65 r 14
  4. I got the part number and stud pattern off this thread , far down the page https://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/62941-information-lupo-oem-standardaccessory-wheels/ Found this as well
  5. Price £135 - collection VW Lupo 3L Aluminium Wheel Rim Set 4 Rims 4x14 ET 35Genuine OEM Parts. Condition is used due to one mark. One rim has a small paint chip/mark (see photos) Sold in original box, never had tyres fitted to them , never been on a car. I bought for a project and never used them , so moving them on as need the space . collection only from West Bromwich.
  6. Thanks for advice 😉
  7. See post below for pictures: Make: Volkswagen Model: Lupo MOT: 13/03/20 TAX: 01/03/20 (but cannot transfer this anymore), Tax is £30 Annually) Colour: Dark Grey Engine size: 1.7 Fuel type: Diesel Mileage 150,000 (currently still in use, so increases) Description including modifications: I'm the third owner from 16/03/13 on wards. Its my daily driver, but its starting to have a few mechanical issues, which I don't have the time to sort myself, so I'm hoping to sell it on as a light project for someone. Gutted as I really wanted to keep thi
  8. Hi Guys, Got a problem with my Lupo SDI, When the car is cold, I can hear a loud squeaking noise from the left hand side of the engine. It looks as though it may be the belt (lower part of the engine) Does anyone have an idea how to check this? I've never changed it, had it over a year, car's done 30k miles, no idea when it was last changed. Many thanks
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