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Lupo GTI Brembo 4 Pot Bigger Brake Conversions


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I Have raised a topic on here once before and didn't get very far.

Im hoping someone on here had already Carried out the Brembo 4 Pot Bigger Brake Conversion and talk me through all the Necessary parts size of Discs etc needed.

thanks Jason

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I'm guessing this will be for the 312mm make discs. Would you not have to get your hubs filled and drilled to the 5x112(?) To run the standard discs. I also presume they will need a bracket made up to meet the caliper.

You are going bigger rears I presume?

I wonder if it'd possible to mount the mk4/cupra hub onto the knuckle, depending on bearing sizes and bore of the wheels you are going to be putting -if the internal bore is different

Also I guess bigger master cylinder (taken off of other car but may need fettling to fit)

These are all presumptions as I have only looked into it a bit and not in a while.


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Could be wrong but here is my assumptions,

Ibiza cupra r mk3 brembo calipers with carriers and 305mm 4x100 discs will fit although you would have be cautious of wheel choice IIRC theres a guy on here with these brakes and 15" Compomotive Mo5 wheels. I would guess most other 16" minumum and check offset.

Another choice may be by using the carriers that would suit a mk2 golf (available on ebay) to fit Porsche boxster rear calipers and run 280mm g60 discs. I am just assuming the carriers will fit the Lupo although I'm not sure.

As the pistons on the rear Boxster calipers are smaller they will not produce the same braking power as the above mentioned from an Ibiza cupra r and may not even be any better than the usual G60 upgrade.

Both are not cheap options and again not sure the latter option is doable.

Let me know if you manage to do either.


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Foxy carried out a Willwood 4 pot conversion on his GTi, then when he sold the car Philplop fitted them to his.

Sure they used 280mm G60 discs.


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Thanks for all your responses getting a lot of different thoughts, i have heard a lot about the Boxster and the Cupra Brembos, and I'm Definitely Swede towards the Ibiza Cupra r 4 pots and Discs, I'm running 16" BBS RC's and i have seen another Premium Member run the 4 pot Porsche Brembos, but he hasn't been active of here for a few years now, Think his screen name was LUPO OEM he had a black Lupo on BBS RC's also. i was hoping to find someone that has actually gone through with the conversion. but thank you all for your feedback

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