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  1. Right...... I was just gonna start a new readers ride thread but as I've already got one and its got photos of my loop how she was when I first bought her I figured might as well just update this one As you can see this was how it was when I first got her and if you looks further through the thread this is how she is now, I will put some more photos up of bits and bobs that went on along the way but if you follow THIS link it will take you to my project car thread that is much more detailed. GO TO THE LAST PAGE OF THIS THREAD FOR MOST RECENT DETAILS AND PHOTOGRAPHS. 1999 v reg
  2. Hi everyone, I've come to the end of my googling solving absolutely none of my questions on this topic but I always seem to land on threads here so figured I'd see what those who have done it or have the know how have to say on the matter. I apologize for the long post in advance! I brought a 1.7 SDI Lupo almost a year ago now from a friend who was the 2nd owner and had always planned to turbo charge the beast. I purchased a few extras from him including: 215 (I think? memory fades quick) injectors which I believe are from a pre-PD 90 or 105. (These have already been installed
  3. Go to last page for most recent updates. Currently running 423bhp. How she stands at the moment. Hello, Before I start I just want to say a quick something to all those people who go on about people who pay for these kinda things and don't get a finger dirty! Its not that I don't want to do my own conversion, I'd love to do it myself but I don't have the skills required or the time that would be needed. Things that I can do myself like brakes, suspension and other bits and bobs I have but this is just too far past me, Lol! But hey if you wanna have a pop at me feel free lo
  4. Hi I have just bought a 1.0 lupo as a project and am looking into doing a 1.8 20v turbo conversion. Would anybody be able to provide me with a list of what parts I would need to buy and what would need to be custom made? I am looking for a complete list to have the car completely working including, gearbox, driveshafts, engine mounts, wiring, pedal box, clutch etc. If anyone is able to help I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance
  5. With regret we are selling our Unique Volkswagen Lupo. The car is extremely adjusted to make it a ‘one of a kind’ car. The car is for 99% car season ready. It has only been to one car show in 2014 in the Netherlands. The uniquest modifications: The car has had an engine swap. The mechanic completely adjusted the enginebay to fit the 20v turbo engine from a Audi TT (180 HP version). The engine management system has been modified and the result is a horsepower increase of 50 HP, the engine is around 230 HP (estimated). The car has a six speed gear box. All the adjustments are custom
  6. Here is some things you will need for a conversion. Feel free to add things or take things off the list. Im learning too, just wanted to start a list and talk everyone through my process! Thanks
  7. Hi I'm a new member I drive a Volkswagen lupo sdi 1.7 I'm just writing to see about putting a turbo charger on my car where can I get a kit for it information would be great
  8. With regret we are selling our Unique Volkswagen Lupo. The car is extremely adjusted to make it a ‘one of a kind’ car. The car is for 99% car season ready. It has only been to one car show in 2014 in the Netherlands. The uniquest modifications: The car has had an engine swap. The mechanic completely adjusted the enginebay to fit the 20v turbo engine from a Audi TT (180 HP version). The engine management system has been modified and the result is a horsepower increase of 50 HP, the engine is around 230 HP (estimated). The car has a six speed gear box. All the adjustments are custom
  9. ive got a few questions here and i think someone here could answer them so here goe's is it possible to drop a 1.8/2,0 turbo engine in the arosa from say a seat leon or VW passat or something any idea's on getting rid of the sticky resin thats been left behind by the door trims? im thinking of using the stuff they use too take off adverts from vans and bus's but not sure if there's something better than that? weird whinning noise coming from my engine bay,i fear that its on its last legs as it has done 117,000+ not sure if it's some bearing or something but the faster i go,the l
  10. Arosa Write Up Seat Arosa 1.4 TDI S 2001 I have for sale my beloved mk2 1.4 Tdi, I used this car to commute to work but have changed jobs and can walk to work. It will easily return 60mpg+. As a car enthusiast I love to enhance cars and have spent a lot of time and money to make this car fast, economical and yet look as standard as possible. All parts have been replaced with either original or OEM and I have all the documentation. Mature driver and always driven with mechanical sympathy. Dblock is my brother so you know the car has been treated well. It has all the usual mods. 100bhp remap
  11. I acquired these wheels over the space of a few years, intending to build the ultimate set for my two mk1 Golf project cars. Unfortunately the Golf's are long gone, and I'm clearing out my wheel collection to put the money towards going travelling/funding a new car. Therefore, I am offering 6 complete sets of Compomotive Turbo split rims. These are my all time favourite wheels and you could certainly say I'm obsessed!

There are a range of PCD's, but I believe there are two sets 4x100, two 4x95.25, one 4x101, and one 4x98. There are a few spare centres also. The dishes and barrels are all in
  12. Hi, everybody! I'm quite the new beginner when it comes to what's going on under the hood of a car, so it's been quite hard finding topics referring to my problem, since I don't know what the parts do or are called. Although, worth mentioning is that I don't mind getting my hands dirty and I prefer hands on learning. So here's my story: I've owned my Lupo for almost two years now and I've had a few problems during this time. Nothing big though and it's always run smoothly. The car has gone 210 000 km, which is about 130 000 miles, so it's probably on the bad side of the human 50's, I guess, c
  13. Hi All I picked up the misses Lupo TDI last night BEing more of a Jap guy having had 4 mx5's 2 turbos and 2 throttle bodied. I have no idea of VW lol So might need abit of help!! I am also dyslexic i will try my best but bare with me if anything annoys you about my grammar please refrain from commenting THANK YOU Spec Below: Lupo TDI Sport 1.4 (107BHP 200 Torq) 1999 reg 110kMilesLowered (coilovers)Remapped Straight through ExhaustVault meterBoost Gauge (fitted but not working) Might need help with this.Bad Boy Bonnet Ok first things i notice on the 40mile journey back in RED was(if you coul
  14. Any one know if you Can fit Golf 1.9 tdi injectors to a lupo 1.4 tdi?
  15. my lupo 1.4s with a ko3 turbo air ride.... Lupo by anthony.gaulter, on Flickr so she is rolling on bbs ra's air ride and uprated brakes Lupo by anthony.gaulter, on Flickr the engine: has a ko3 turbo, front mount intercooler, 5 bar manual fuel pressure regulator, race oil cooler, manual boost controller, k&n air filter, atmospheric waste gate, spaced out spark plugs, silicone and braded pipes..... turbo Turbo bits by anthony.gaulter, on Flickr race oil cooler Turbo bits by anthony.gaulter, on Flickr Turbo bits by anthony.gaulter, on Flickr intercooler Turbo bits by anthony
  16. hi, I am thinking of buying this inlet manifold for my lupo turbo project but not sure if it will fit looks like it will from the photos but wanted to know if any one had fitted this inlet manifold to a lupo 1.4 s ahw engine? it is a polo 6n2 gti 1.6 16v inlet manifold hear are some photos, Inlet manifold by anthony.gaulter, on Flickr Inlet manifold by anthony.gaulter, on Flickr any info please
  17. I am wanting to upgrade my throttle body on my lupo 1.4s 16v (AHW engine) been told that the polo 1.4 16v AFH engine throttle body is a straight swop is this right? And which polo is that off 6n2? And I want to upgrade my inlet manifold as I have a ko3 turbo on my lupo and been told I could crack it with the boost? Been told I can use the polo AFH inlet manifold as well but as far as I know they are still plastic :/ Any help would be nice
  18. Hi dose anyone know if the injectors of a Audi tt 1.8 turbo 225bhp will fit on my lupo 1.4s ?
  19. here are some photos of my lupo Lupo by anthony.gaulter, on Flickr fully down on the air ride Lupo by anthony.gaulter, on Flickr my intercooler poking out Lupo by anthony.gaulter, on Flickr engine bay off my 1.4 with its ko3 turbo Lupine by anthony.gaulter, on Flickr hope people like her
  20. hi I have a lupo 1.4s with a ko3 turbo on it, an adjustable fuel pressure regulator up to 5bar, manual boost controller, front mount intercooler, spaced out spark plugs, and going to get lupo gti injectors and a new ecu when I find one, so I am looking at lowering the compression ratio on the engine it is at the standard 10.5 to 1 I have been told it needs to be 9 to 1 is the right? and how big of a shim will I need or can I put 2 gas kits in?
  21. So I have a ko3 turbo on my lupo 1.4s 75bhp I am wanting to lower the compression ratio on it but not sore if to put 2 gas kits in or to get a shim made and how thick dose the shim need to be? To lower the ratio it is the standard 10.5 to 1 now been told I need it at 9 to 1 any help would be nice.
  22. Hi All, Long time no see on here, but i had to come on to warn people - Sorry about where ive placed this post, i wanted to ensure maximum exposure due to the umbiquitous nature of the engines! Long story short, i have a MY52 Ibiza Mk4 TDi Sport. The Brakes failed suddenly on thursday losing all servo assistance. Needless to say i almost crashed despite selecting 1st gear and a HEAVY tug on the handbrake. These cars barely brake at all without the servo - the Aux pump virtually useless at 25mph+. I popped up the bonnet and found the brake servo hose has split and torn loose. Its a totally c
  23. Selling my genuine Pipercross Viper carbon fibre cold air feed and induction kit. I am only selling due to returning car to standard specification. This cost £250 new, and is similar to the BMC CDA intakes but higher quality, and real carbon fibre. It was fitted to a 1.4 sport, and sounded lovely! Here is a link to the site: http://www.lkperformance.co.uk/induction-kits/pipercross/pipercross-viper-induction-kit/368415?carId=176840 And description: "Viper air intake unit The technology used in the Pipercross Viper was first seen on the famous Lotus 340R, but soon became available
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