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Found 6 results

  1. Seat Arosa 2003 6H [1997-2004] Hatchback Hatchback 1.0 999ccm 50HP 37KW (Petrol) So as a new driver I always found it tricky to ensure I bought the right parts for servicing the car. Seemed that different sites used different picture for things such as filters and was never sure on what I should/shouldn't buy. Some people find this no problem at all but for me was a bit more of an issue. Anyways I am doing a basic service on the car and replacing a few things, for my own history and for others who may find this difficult I have listed the parts I bought (I will include links but these may expire). Filter Kit - Seat Arosa 1.0 Petrol 99-05 Oil,Cabin & Air Filter Service Kit vw26 [eBay link] Fuel Filter - Comline Fuel Filter Genuine OE Quality Service Replacement Part [eBay link] Wiper Blade Driver - HELLASTANDARD WIPER BLADE 21" Part No : 939AA2107 [GSF link] Wiper Blade Passenger - HELLASTANDARD WIPER BLADE 19" Part No : 939AA1907 [GSF link] Water Coolant Temperature Sensor - [eBay link] Spark Plugs - 4x Seat Arosa 6H 1.0 Genuine Bosch Super 4 Spark Plugs [eBay link] Ignition Coil Pack - Seat Arosa 6H 1.0 2 Terminal Genuine Lemark Ignition Coil Pack Replacement [eBay link] Spark Leads - BBT IGNITION LEAD KIT Part No : 926VG0150 [GSF link] Sump Plug (Oil Change) - STANDARD SUMP PLUG Part No : 116VG0240 [GSF link] Car Battery - YBX3063 12V 45Ah 425A Yuasa SMF Battery [link] £53 from GMF As I'm also going to try and repair the switches on the driver unit for the windows 2x Electric Window Switch for VW LUPO 6X1 Polo 6N2 Cordoba 6X0959855B MA1541 [eBay link] Please use this as a guide and I will update with quality/functionality when I use the parts. These items are just what I have found and bought not a must buy for anyone, if anyone else has any recommendations or upgrade on parts through experience or quality then please comment below.
  2. Hey guys, my first day on forum and post, so bare with me if im breaking some laws lol. I have a VW Lupo 1.4 2001 plate. I want to do a MAJOR service on it but want to be sure i buy all the proper and correct parts and tools, so if someone could answer my following questions would really appreciate it. 1) Spark plug change - What size spark plug socket is needed to remove the spark plugs / Does it need to be a deep socket or will regular size work? 2) Engine oil - What grade do i need / How many litres? / Bit of a toughh one but does anyone also know what VW specification number (usually on back of oil bottle) i should be using 3) Oil filter - appears to come with a hex adaptor attached to it (when looking at pictures) to help sockets remove it. does anyone know what size socket it is? 3) Oil sump nut - Does anyone know what size socket is needed for the bolt on the sump. If there are any tips or tricks people may want to warn me about when doing these jobs please feel free to help me making mistakes Sorry for all the questions but if anyone could help it would be great. thanks
  3. Reluctant sale Genuine Lupo TDI handbook £20 ono £5 postage Used, some service parts filled in but car sadly long gone ? I'm based near Ely Cambridgeshire if you wish to collect. Thanks for looking
  4. Buddwiser89

    best service parts?

    Hi guys I have a 1.4 xreg 105000 miles on the clock! what is the best oil, air filter, oil filter and spark plugs I can buy?
  5. Engine code AUB I've just serviced the engine - new spark plugs, fuel, air, oil and cabin filters, topped off with shell helix 5W40 oil, i've also flushed the fuel system with red line fuel system cleaner and have been running it with premium JET fuel and Shell V-PowerI have removed and cleaned the EGR valveReplaced coil packReplaced HT leadsReplaced throttle bodyThrottle body aligned via VCDSNew batteryNO FAULT CODESProblems: The car doesn't start brilliant - turns over quite a few times before it fires upThere seems to be a flat spot when accelerating around 2k rpm sometimes, where it feels like all engine power just goes then comes back a moment laterLingering when the revs are coming downLag when revving - on my 1.4 non sport you can repeatedly bash the throttle and the revs will correspond. On the sport, if you bash the throttle the revs just mush around with no definition to themThe car is always noticeably smokey out of the exhaust regardless of the weather or how long the car has been runningThe car really struggles past 90mph, especially in 5th gear and if i'm giving it some, however it will happily cruise up to and past that speedIt seems as if when you have the accelerator pedal fully depressed and then ease it back a bit the car picks up a littleI know this engine is renowned for having throttle lag issued but it just seems that this is an abnormal amount of lag If anyone has had any of these problems and has managed to rectify them or just has any suggestions ill have a look into them as i'd like to get this car running 100% or near enough I've put a hell of a lot of effort (and money) into this car getting it roadworthy and running and ill be damned if i can't get it at least 90%
  6. So Im pretty happy with my Loop cosmetically, (at the moment) so I thought for the new year ill get some of the maintenance and service stuff out of the way so she'll be running smooth for show season 2014! I've already compiled a small list including: Spark Plugs. HT Leads. Oil Change. Brake pads &Discs. Oil Filter. And was wondering if anyone else had any suggestions on what else to change or upgrade?

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