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Found 14 results

  1. 4 x Volkswagen Lupo GTI Bathurst Alloys 15” Selling 4 VW Lupo GTI Alloys. The rims are in need of some touching up aesthetically, however, are in good working condition overall. Located in Leicestershire Price: £150 Please see eBay listing for photos https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/163498788430
  2. Hello all, I'm wondering if someone can clarify if the following will fit my Lupo 05 plate 1.0E 4x100 13x7j ET 0 (front) - currently have 165/55/13 tyres 4x100 13x8j ET -20 (rear) - currently have 175/60/13 tyres I’m not wanting to made any modifications to the arches, I just want to bang these on ensure they don’t rub. I also plan on lowering my Lupo in the near future (only 30mm) so I don’t want this to balls everything up. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. hello, so im looking at buying some new rims (Axe ex8's) they have a 30mm offsett so im looking for an 8mm spacer to get the rims back to standard fitment. does anyone know where i can get longer bolts or if i even need to get any? thanks, Jason
  4. I acquired these wheels over the space of a few years, intending to build the ultimate set for my two mk1 Golf project cars. Unfortunately the Golf's are long gone, and I'm clearing out my wheel collection to put the money towards going travelling/funding a new car. Therefore, I am offering 6 complete sets of Compomotive Turbo split rims. These are my all time favourite wheels and you could certainly say I'm obsessed!

There are a range of PCD's, but I believe there are two sets 4x100, two 4x95.25, one 4x101, and one 4x98. There are a few spare centres also. The dishes and barrels are all in pairs or sets of four, and again, there is a good range of sizes so you can build the perfect set for your car and sell the rest on if you wish. These are all in very good condition with minimal curbing (apart from the obviously damaged ones; there are spares to replace these), but do require polishing. I know this is an awful advert with awful pictures, but I will update it is soon as I can. Here are some terrible pictures to give you an idea: I have refurbished one set, and had the dishes back from the polisher: Here's some inspiration for you!: These wheels rarely come up for sale, and I've spent an absolute fortune on them (even to the point of buying complete cars to get hold of the wheels!). I've come to the point where I just really want to get rid of them, and the easiest and most convenient way is just to sell them as one lot. I have previously had interest from people building track cars because the spares are ideal for them so I may have to go down that route, but thought it was worth putting them up here just in case. I am looking for £4200 for the lot. If people are interested I will split but they will be £900+ a set as they are. I'd be looking for £1050 a set fully refurbished (I don't really have the time to do this currently, but please enquire if interested). Although the PCD's aren't all perfect for VAG applications, these wheels are extremely sought after for classic mini's, Fords and other marques. I have full access to a machine shop (currently studying a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering), and will be machining two sets to either 4x100 or 4x108. If you have any other requests for machining, let me know and I'll do my best, but I'm limited on free time! 
The wheels are located in Winchester, Hampshire. This is my fathers house, but I am just outside Bath if that's easier for collection.
 My contact number is: 07837 892836 

Any questions, feel free to ask!
  5. mpiloop

    Wheel swap

    I've got some t4 steelies in black, 15in with the centre caps, they are 5x112. Looking for some 15in 4x100 steels that are either already banded or good for banding I can also chuck some money you're way just post a reply on here and tell me what you got!
  6. found some 15" ats cups that i am willing to purchase but before i commit was wondering if anyone wiser than me know if they fit i know the fact they are 4x100 so they would and i understand the fact that i need to have lower profile tyres in order to keep the overal diameter the same but was looking for advice on offsets and rim width ie would they be outside the arch width. any help would be apreciated thanks harry
  7. he currently own a 1.4 vw lupo sport in red and was wondering what rims to get got a budget of about £250 - £375 was thinking about some ronal turbos but advice would be great thanks.
  8. New wheels what do u think What do you think
  9. Could any one please tell me a good site buy cheap-ish dished rims , size 15" thankyou?
  10. chague93

    New rims advice

    Hi all, Recently bought a blupo! Anyone have any ideas where I could get some nice rims with tyres (probably second hand!). Not sure what size, width etc. I need, my boyfriend doesn't have a clue haha! Can anyone recommend Also is there any simple mods I can do to release more power from my 1.4?
  11. I saw a silver lupo that was slammed near a morrisons in dunstable/luton with black rims (looked like porsche twists at a quick glance) but not sure. drove past me i was in a bola green arosa with a illest sticker in the front window and a bonnet bra. just wondering if it was anybody on here!
  12. As title after 2 polished dishes good condition swap for 1' dishes in good condition or will buy for reasonable price Cheers Chris
  13. i looked on the rim guide but couldn't see them just wondered if they're stock or what?
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