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  1. 4 x Volkswagen Lupo GTI Bathurst Alloys 15” Selling 4 VW Lupo GTI Alloys. The rims are in need of some touching up aesthetically, however, are in good working condition overall. Located in Leicestershire Price: £150 Please see eBay listing for photos https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/163498788430
  2. Audi TT MK1 Original Leather Seats Front + Rear Overall seats are in excellent condition, minor marks on passenger seat, as you can see in the photos. The seats came out of a VW Lupo, so also include fittings for VW Lupo / Polo Located in Leicestershire Price: £250 o.n.o Please see eBay listing for photos https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/163630198007
  3. yeah i will do mate, theyre the simpler i found, out of the backs and fronts so you shouldnt have any problems once i put the pictures up
  4. yeah okay mate i will do, i just need to get the pics together, only thing is it would of helped to take some picture as i was putting it together, but i guess itd still be okay with the pictures of the finished frames. I was just interested to see if anyone had done it thats all. I'll get the pics up when i can soon cheers
  5. yeah, well my original thoughts were 15 maybe, i am running 165's so il have to see, where do you measure from, the outside of the tyre to the arch?
  6. I have recently fitted front and back audi tt mk1 interior and i noticed theres not LOADS of information on here, so if anyones interested i can get some specific pictures up of how i did it, also if anyone else has done it, im interested in seeing how they did it as well cheers
  7. right im going to keep on this post rather than start another, i have 7x15 wheels which are et20 i think and im down about 80mm all round any advice on which spacers to run all round, or slightly larger ones on the back, im just looking for some poke really, any advice? cheers
  8. just to let you know, turned out it was the camshaft sensor... £57 from vw
  9. Lowered it at the weekend, needs cleaning but this is the only picture I have for now
  10. yeah thanks for your help, i am going to take it to a garage and put it though the diagnostics tool and see what it says, il update when i know
  11. just recently my lupo sport has starting turning over a lot when starting and bogging down at 4000 revs, i have no warning lights on my dash. sometimes it drives completely fine, and sometimes it does this, can anyone give me any help please
  12. i have black ones without holes what would you want to swap for?
  13. does anyone know where i can get some black and white checkered car mats for my lupo sport from iv looked everywhere! thanks, luke
  14. thanks a lot tomstevo, iv finally magaed to get it out now, was very tedious, your comment helped me a lot though
  15. hi just looking at an induction kit for my lupo sport anyone got any advice on which one to get, iv been looking at K&N, Powertec, Pipercross and BMC thanks luke
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