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Found 19 results

  1. Hello. What is the way to unscrew the whip of the roof antenna? I unscrew up to a point and later does not want to leave ..
  2. Biszmz


    Hello guess I am a new member and I have just got a lupo for my first car was after a little help the interior I am after a new radio and speaker. It not to sure what to go for a while I need to re wire them
  3. Hello everyone, In my Lupo 3L beta radio, the search function (<< | >>) does not work - when pressed, it does not change the fm radio - I need to use the manual selection (< | >). The scan function works well. What could be the problem? Thank you!! Jet
  4. So I have the standard tape style radio and 6 CD changer in my GTI. I'm sick of creating CDs and whatever to listen to music when I have it all on my phone so I'm looking at adding an aux input to the car. Looking around on eBay there's a few different options. There's the connects2 blocks and similar products available but I'm not sure if they only work with the single unit CD changer and not the 6 that I have? I also like the look of something like this - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Car-Audio-AUX-Switch-Cable-For-VW-Volkswagen-Jetta-MK5-Golf-GTI-Tiguan-Hot-/291945233253?hash=i
  5. Been driving this since about April time and I love my "wee fox. standard urban fox Red '56 plate 1.2L engine Picked it up with 57,000 on the clock since I've put it upto 64,000 low insurance & cheap to run? this is was the fox before I got my hand on it.^ One of the wheel trims became cracked so I removed them and drove about for a few months without Any on as can be seen in the below photos.
  6. Could anyone help me with a radio code for my Lupo stereo? I've lost my card and all I have remaining is the serial number. Could somebody help? Many thanks! P.S. The radio code is: VWZ1Z3Y8716602 Edit: No need for answers had it all done
  7. As title says. I have a Mutant stereo, and it won't work like the stock stereo did. Any tips?
  8. Anyone can help and advise anything regarding this radio? Im not sure what model it is, just wondering where you put the usb & aux wires? Any tips/ advice appreciated on it overall still getting used to it lol. Was also wondering how much is the standard radio/cassette worth? thanks!
  9. just brought a double din radio anyone got any tips on how to fit it?? step by step would be useful if anyone has done it before, i have the rough idea just dont want to rush into it and be stuck halfway haha
  10. Hello good fellow Lupo Heads! I recently got my first car (about 4 months ago), which is a basic 2004 Lupo 1.0, nothing to fancy but still a charm & love it more & more each day! ...Anyway, to cut to the chase Im hankering after a nice new stereo & a set of decent replacement speakers for the doors, all within a good budget - say no more than £250. ...Please forgive me and my lack of knowledge on both cars & fitting stereos etc but I could really do with some help/advice on how I would go about changing the stereo & what will/won't fit, & what I will need to b
  11. Hi, My Lupo's standard stereo unit has been playing up of late and after many hours of asking friends and reading forums I'm at the end of my tether! It is really difficult to correctly convey the issues it's having, but I'll give it a good shot. I have the standard VW stereo that came with the car, I use a tape adapter to listen to my music and lately it keeps making a clunking noise and cutting the sound completely. The same issue happens when I'm listening to the radio or using the CD player. About 10 seconds after turning the radio on it will clunk (as if you have put a tape in) and appear
  12. Hi all, sorry to be one of those "first post is a question" types but any input would be appreciated. Having recently bought a 1l Lupo E (1999) I've just fitted a new stereo and behind the Din slots there was another connector not plugged into anything that looks like it comes from the same loom as the hazard lights switch (just below the din slots). It is separate from the ISO blocks but is a plastic connector with 2 pins, the wires leading up to the connector are brown and blue/grey. I'll try and get a picture tomorrow but does anyone have any idea what it could be ? Cheers, Tomm
  13. I have a 2007 fox with an original radio in it - my problem is that the text display on the radio doesn't always work. the radio otherwise works fine and the display is backlight with the orange glow, it just doesn't show me the text of what station I'm listening to. I'd thought it was worse during cold weather but I don't think that's the pattern anymore... Any ideas on what might be going on and how I can fix it (short of replacing the unit)? Maybe related but I've noticed there's some sort of electric plug / wiring under the driver's seat and the plug closest to the front of the seat has
  14. This is my Fox Since i got it in March, I've done a couple of things to it, good and bad :/ (Sorry this Image has been removed)
  15. Hi guy and girls really need some help here .. I was sat a college today listening to music and my mate kicked the dash board its an after market radio and it just cut out .. I have been through the fuses and it had blown I swapped it over but the radio still didn't work I tryed a different head unit in the car and that didn't work .. i tryed both in another car and they worked fine so i grabbed the multi meter and checked the connections... i have 2 12v live feeds coming to it (should i ??) but it seems i have no switched 12v for some reason . it would be great if someone could help... Than
  16. Treated myself to a £££Pioneer unit & looking to sell the original on. It's the original Lupo double space CD/Radio, think called 'Beta', Now it's out, will I need to dig out the code ? I've had the battery off before & it didnt challenge me after that, but now it's been without power for a fortnight perhpas makes a difference. Cheers
  17. Hi. I've got a new radio in my lupo which worked fine. Then I put 2 new speakers in the front which worked fine. The I put 4 speakers in the parcel shelf and it worked fine for about half day then the radio just went off while I was driving. I got told i would need an amp. So I got a amp and wires the back speaker to it but the radio still won't turn on. I went to the shop and the radio worked fine there and he said it would be the earth wire, but I don't have a clue about it? Can anyone help? Thanks
  18. Hello, I'm trying to remove the stock radio from my mk1 arosa, but I can't figure out how to do it here's a pic
  19. Hi, Got the factory fitted OEM 2 piece stereo from a 2002 1.4S lupo tape as well as CD player model mint condition not a mark on it and all working as it should be! £30 picked up from HX2? Wont post sorry Cheers, Max
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