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  1. Thanks! I was a bit worried about getting aftermarket, in case it was a bigger problem. I'm selling the car in 3 months as I am emigrating to NZ, so didn't want to spend the cash if I didn't have to! Trip to halfords for a cheap radio me thinks!
  2. Hi, My Lupo's standard stereo unit has been playing up of late and after many hours of asking friends and reading forums I'm at the end of my tether! It is really difficult to correctly convey the issues it's having, but I'll give it a good shot. I have the standard VW stereo that came with the car, I use a tape adapter to listen to my music and lately it keeps making a clunking noise and cutting the sound completely. The same issue happens when I'm listening to the radio or using the CD player. About 10 seconds after turning the radio on it will clunk (as if you have put a tape in) and appear on the display as if there is a tape playing, however there is no sound coming from the speakers. Even if a tape is in the stereo it still plays no noise at all. When there is no noise, the display is still on and I can use all buttons to select other settings, but there is still no sound. I've had the stereo out to check all connectors are still in tact (which they are) and I've even disconnected the CD unit and tested without it, and the problem still occurred. Whilst testing, whilst searching for stations the speakers were making white noise sounds and turning the volume changed the tone of the sounds. I cannot find any information about this problem on any other forums so please, someone bring me some answers! There is nothing more annoying than having to reset your stereo every 10 seconds! Cheers! Ellie
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