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Found 5 results

  1. Lazzaro99

    Hello from Italy

    Hello to all I have a Seat Arosa 1.4 TDI from 2000 I'm new to the forum and I do not know how to introduce myself !! do I have to describe the whole car ??
  2. DanDannyDanDan

    Hello :)

    Hi All, I just registered, I've been popping in and out from time to time over the past few months so figured I should register and say hi. My name's Danny and I live near Manchester (Glossop, but people seem to not know where that is). I frikkin' love Lupos, I've been after one for years and recently bought one for my girlfriend for her first car, a lovely low mileage, green, 1.4 s auto and it's just made me want (at least) one for myself now too. Hoping to do a few subtle improvements on her Lupo, mostly just to tidy it up, mainly just debadge and maybe lower too...? I'm considering getting a GTI for myself, or/and maybe a cheap diesel or 3L for an everyday runner (that £200 one that just went was ripe for it, sad I just missed that one) to avoid racking up the miles on a good one (90 miles or so daily commute quickly adds up).
  3. Hi all! Been browsing the Club Lupo forum for a couple of weeks now and decided to make an account since I'm going to look at and hopefully buy an Arosa this weekend. Has anyone here used Ingenie Blackbox insurance? or Ingenie insurance in general? They've gave me a great quote compared to what I've previously got and wondered if they're a decent company? How much over the speed limit can you go before you're penalised? Some black boxes let you go 30mph over but it looks like Ingenie is quite harsh with it, not sure though that's why i'm asking. Also, anything else I should know about Lupo's/Arosa's before I go to view one? Anything I should look out for? I'm not a mechanic but I'd like to say i'm pretty car knowledgeable for an IT Student haha Driving and cars are my motivation in life tbh, been a 'petrolhead' since very young. In case anyone's curious: Quote from Ingenie was £1,090 and my previous quote was £1,306. The car i'm going to view is a 2004 Arosa S.
  4. SMC-Thomas

    New Member - South of England

    Hi all, My name is Thomas. I am currently in the area of Portsmouth driving my 2000 VW Lupo 1.0. It's light blue. I can get more pictures of it up if you all like? It is 100% standard because insurance as it is my first car so costs are sky high! I love my little Lupo and really have a soft spot in my heart for it. Haven't even named her yet. It's only got 120,000 on the clock which isn't bad. Bought her from Southampton for 500 pounds and is a great motor. I want to start slowly converting it into my little project. I have little ideas for it such removing the bumper strip and doing the colour matching behind the badges and such. I'm sure most people here can give me alot more ideas. My car has a few little niggles such as the rear wiper wash doesn't work, It leaks quite visibly but there is no rust so that is my little project for the summer is to fix that. Little story behind my name is that SMC stands for Southsea Motor Club which is where I do fun little events. I did one event in my Lupo but now can't. I'll be looking out for more Lupo's/ Arosa's around my area.
  5. Hi, new forum member alert Pictured in red is my first Arosa, first car infact, 1.0 base standard issue, less thank 30k on the clock. Sadly my poor girl was written off a few days ago thanks to slight damage due to another driver pulling out on me in Derby, heartbroken, not even had her a year. HOWEVER in blue is my latest acquisition; 1.4 16V Sport edition, placed a deposit yesterday, can't wait to get her home and start work, shes absolutely mint despite having clocked up 90,000 miles. Some poor paint matching needs touching up here and there, but other than that no complaints at all. Got lots to learn so any tips and advice always appreciated! Want to get tints, coilovers and wheels sorted before Modified Nationals in May. Looking forward to picking up some tips and sharing some interest Best, Chloe, Loughborough

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