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Found 6 results

  1. Looking for suggestion sound system set up for future lupo project.
  2. gjgray

    Back box help :)

    Hey I want to get a new back box for my car, to make it louder and sound better, but I don't know whether to go straight through, or to order a new one. I don't really want to spend lots of money on it but was thinking about buying a sportex one from ebay, has anyone got any reviews on them or know any better alternatives for roughly the same price I'm looking for something that sounds nice but isn't stupidly loud. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Lupo-1-0-1-4-Sportex-Exhaust-Tailbox-Single-3-/351123754212?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item51c09b4ce4 Any help will be appreciated
  3. After My last post I noticed when I took the air box cover off it was full of gunk and mayo looking stuff, Then I found the breather Pipe, There was to my surprise more of this my Question to you Is best ways to clean it and sort this out as I wanna have this car for at-least a year (for no claims and that) also I have a blowing exhaust but When I go into a higher gear i get a loud vibration from my engine I put oil in and boom its not as loud so Im worried it might be something expensive due to that breather pipe etc
  4. Hello ladies and gentlemen of club lupo i wish to present to you my lupo "lois" my 99 1.4 16v which has had a sport put in it (apparently) atm i have a custom skip exhaust (as in an exhaust out of a skip) coilovers which are being replaced for lowering springs and im in the middle of chucking some Kyalami alloys on
  5. Problem= engine is quite tappaty and is burning a resonable amount of oil only recently started tapping. actions carried out= changed oil for 5w30 magnatex oil and new filter service was only 2000 miles ago and also added some wynns hydraulic valve lifter cleaner to my oil, the volume of the tapping hasnt change at all. i have noticed with the oil cap off you can see oil being sent to the head so it isnt running dry. what have people experienced or does anyone know how to stop the burning oil and tapping noise thankyou ‚Äčany help would be much appreciated do apologise if this is a duplicate t
  6. Hi, I'm planning to go to Germany this year in my 1.4 Lupo, but just for a laugh I want a loud exhaust for the trip! I've already looked at cherry bombs but I think they'd be too loud! Ideally I'm looking for something cheap, doesn't require me cutting into the standard exhaust and will just make it sound louder! any ideas? thanks from Lewis
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