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Found 10 results

  1. Bit of an odd one here.. AUC 54’ plate 1.0 MPI Arosa 124,xxx miles Its recently become really hesitant when setting off or putting your foot down. It’ll hesitate for a few seconds then pick up. Sometimes it’ll also just rev itself between 500-1000RPM. It also shakes sometimes at about 500rpms From what I’ve read on here most people say it’s either the HT LEADS, COIL PACK, or SPARK PLUGS. Plugs were done about 20k ago and gapped correctly. I am planning to change these soon and see if it changes anything. My main concern though is that there isn’t an EML on the dash when
  2. Hi,I have a problem on Lupo 1.0 AUC 37kW with fuel mixture. VCDS showing error:17560/P1152 - Long Term Fuel Trim Additive Air; Bank 1; Range 2: System too Lean17573/P1165 - Long Term Fuel Trim Additive Air; Bank 1; Range 1: System too RichAfter clearing these errors they comes back in few days. In a month comes on engine light too. Last time I cleared errors I looked on oxygen sensors learning values: -6% on idle and +24% on partial load. The strange thing is that readiness is absolutely OK. Any suggestions? I'm little bit helpless at this moment.What have been done:- new oxygen senzor- cleare
  3. According to volks world (ssp_223) the t piece allows the 1.4 to warm up to >30ºC whereas the 3L gets up to ~60ºC before returning fuel back to the tank Checking through etka based sites like partsbase.org and partscats.info it comes up with the P/N 038906081B for all of lupos diesel engines and also covers many others Vag models. Does anyone have any idea how there could be two with the same P/N Does anyone know of the alternative that may have been used in the lupo/ A 1.2 3L Thanks Keelan
  4. Having recently searched for a guide on changing the fuel filter on a 1.0MPI Lupo and not finding one I thought I would throw together this little guide based on one I found for a polo. Apologies if there is one out there and I've missed it Its not the hardest of tasks but sometimes its useful to have a few pictures and steps. - First step is to either jack the rear of the car up and support it on axle stands or roll the rear wheels onto a set of ramps / sturdy wood blocks. Though not 100% necessary even another couple of inches clearance will make this task a lot easier. - Unplug the fue
  5. Just noticed this morning after filling up the tank that the fuel gauge is stuck right at the bottom. I'm thinking that it could be the gauge its self or the fuel sensor in the tank? Not too sure though. Has anyone else had this problem and found a fix for it? or know how i could go about fixing the issue? Any help would be great, Thanks, Adam
  6. Right I was just wondering what the other 1.0L Arosa's manage to get from their fuel. Half a tank last me 120 miles MAX! Now I don't know if this is normal or if my fuel efficiency is just ****?! Also had a few times where the petrol light has stayed on, regardless of the fact the tank was full! Help me y'all thanks
  7. Been having a few issues with my Lupo 1.4s (2001) and recently had the crank sensor changed This has solved most of the issues, but now my speedo isn't working at all, it sits at 0 and my milage hasn't moved at all, i didn't drive far but it should have at least registered something. the fuel gauge seems to be acting up slightly, only really when i go round corners it drops a fair bit, i know this will be normal cause it's going away from the pump, but it never used to do it. rev counter & temp gauge still working fine. used a diagnostic to check it, can't remember the code but it said som
  8. Hi, over the past few days my lupo has occasionally decided it doesn't want to start. The ignition will turn the engine over but I've had to pump the throttle a few times before it will eventually come to life. Also its not just starting from cold, the other day i drove to the shops, left it for 20 minutes, came back and it wouldn't start. any ideas?
  9. Went to buy some porsche tombstones for my lupo today after making a deal with a guy on ebay, finally got to his house after getting lost and he tells me that he forgot to take them off ebay and someone bought them on buy it now! FUMING. Then thought all is not lost as on my journey i was going to swing by an old scrap yard that said they had a mk5 golf bootlid for me, and when i got there, no handle. So it was no use to me So after a quarter tank of fuel later i return home empty handed. what a rubbish day!!
  10. Hey everyone Brand new member so forgive me any newbie mistakes!! I've had my littlw 1.0 Lupo E from back in 2000 and I was just going to drive her and drive er, eventually into the ground, with minium upkeep (and enjoyment). But something recently made me change my mind. No idea what it was, but I've made a start by using aluminium body filler to fill up a couple of cracks that were previously covered by masking tape. They've now been sanded flush, sprayed and lacquered and the car looks ten times better already. My burning question is...LPG!!! Liquid Petroleum Gas conversions for our beloved
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