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Found 5 results

  1. I have a 1.0MPI Arosa The EPC light has come on a few times and I’ve lost brake lights completely but I’ve been able to turn the car off and have them come back on. Recently the EPC light came on and the brake lights stayed off. I replaced the brake light switch and the lights work. I cleared the EPC Light but every time I clear it, it comes back on after a couple mins of driving or presses of the brake. The throttle feels fine and the idle isn’t lumpy. Any help appreciated!
  2. had to change my thermostat housing to get the thermostat to work properly but ive been getting a warning light since. It occasionally goes away but id like to get rid of the light. I plugged in with vcds and got the code 16500 Engine coolant temp sensor g62: Implausable signal P0116 - 35 - 10 Is there a way I can just delete the light or something? because its been like this for weeks and its not been causing any problems
  3. hi guys, i have a 1.0 2001 arosa s with the exhaust emissions warning light on. it has come on a few times, flashed a few times then gone solid. every time this happens i pull over, switch off the engine, wait for about 10 mins then start it up again and the light goes off. the day before last i was driving back from bristol to cardiff (not far) when the same thing happened. i pulled over and did the same as always but this time the light stayed on, and is still on. Recently when ive been starting the car, the revs rise to around 1400 as usual, then as the revs drop with the engine going into idle (to about 850rpm) it cuts out. this happens around 5 times out of 10. also there is a smell of unburnt petrol in the air when it finally starts up. its very sluggish, looses power occasionally, and hesitant to pull off at lights. spoken to a few people they think it could be either egr valve or llamda sensor but its difficult to say. really hope anyone can help me! thanks for readin'
  4. Hi Folks, The 'headlights on' warning light on the dash of my wife's GTi has decided to go on strike. Has anybody on here replaced this particular warning light and if so, how? I expect it's probably going to be either a nightmare job or a dealer one but I live in hope Hope somebody out there can help.
  5. Evening All! I've had my 1.0 Loop for a few months now and only had a couple of little gripes. The main one is the pesky Emmisions warning light! Can anyone point me in the right direction, or if anyone near Glasgow has a VAGCOM and fancies helping me out. Here's the history: It came on just after I picked it up, seemed to be on motorway journeys. Put it in for a service, seemed to run fine. Light was off. Month later, light came back on, motorway again. I don't rag it, usually sit about 60mph (It's a 1.0 after all!) Seemed to run ok for a few weeks then the engine wasn't playing nice. Sounded like a misfire (I have a very basic knowledge), put it in for another look. This time, HT leads changed and the Coil Packs were changed as there was a fair bit of corrosion on a bit of it. Running fine again. A week after (now) the light is back on again. Still seems to be running fine though. Any ideas? I also got a puncture, but I know how to sort that out! Ta!
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