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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, Please if anyone can help me with a problem i face with vw lupo 1999 3L i will be very grateful as still my mechanic cant find the issue. I have a lovley 1999 lupo which has been great till now but while i am driving it happens sometimes that it doesnt engage. So while driving the engine seems not to be turned off but it wouldnt engage at all and when i press the gas pedal nothing happens. What i have noticed is that it happened in low speeds and also when i drive in moring after car has been in rest for many hours the issie doesnt happen, if i turn off for the second time it happens frequently. It happens only in city street(which is very stressfull for me☹) meanwhile in highway it almosy never happens. Please if anyone can help. Thanks Francy
  2. Hi guys. Looking to know if anyone has any leads for an exhaust, induction kit, decat downpipe, manifold etc. And does anyone know how strong the stock camshaft on the Lupo 1.4 75bhp is and if it could take about 100bhp? Any other modding tips would be appreciated. I’m new to the game with Lupos and wanted to know where I would stand before I bought one. I don’t want to be told to just swap the engine as I’m really not capable of that lol. I was hoping to go for just a bit more power but mainly a low and slow build.
  3. Can the lupo 1.4 sport (100bhp) parts such as the cams and aftermarket manifolds end exhausts fit on the 1.4 S (75bhp)?
  4. Hi all, This might be a bit of an outlandish question but would a Volkswagen Golf Mk7 1.4L TSI R-Line Engine and 7-Speed DSG be capable of fitting inside a Lupos engine bay? I understand engine swapping is difficult, frustrating, and potentially very expensive, but the thought process was both engines are the same size (granted the Turbo) so they should both fit - and how large can a DSG be, right? Atop of this, of course, other aspects of the car would need to be changed, but most importantly I was just wondering if anyone has swapped a Golf's 1.4L into a Lupo; specifically a more modern 1.4L (like the Mk5's GT TSI DSG with 170bhp, or the R-Line TSI with 150bhp). Thank you in advance
  5. Hi all I’m in the process of re-spraying my spoiler on my GTI, I noticed that my spoiler didn’t come with this middle black piece, does anyone on here know what part number it is?
  6. Hi all I’ve made a new lupo page on Facebook, to see how many of you are based In Nottinghamshire. Page is for you all to share progress and pics and to build a community. i am aware that there are a couple of groups already but that are paired with seat arosas as well. Still please feel free to join This group is based in Nottinghamshire but all lupo owners from anywhere are welcome to join https://www.facebook.com/groups/1853968314630834
  7. Joechapl


    Hi all new here! I've got a 51 plate lupo 1.0mpi in black and I want to start modding it without the insurance rising. Who has ideas?
  8. Hi, i have a little 1.0l lupo and need some ideas on what wheels to get! At the moment it just has the standard vw alloys. I need some ideas of what looks good that isn't toooo pricey but don't mind spending a fair amount on something decent. Any help much appreciated
  9. Does it have front fogs, and what's the maximum bhp I could can map it too?
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