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Found 7 results

  1. Just a quick comment... I had a puncture in one of my fairly new Dunlop Sports :-( and had a couple of Dunlop BluResponse fitted, which I put on the front of my trusty Tdi. On Sunday I went off for me usual wiz up the M4 and immediately noticed how quiet the car had become. I googled the tyres when I got back and lo and behold the BluResponse is claimed to be a super-quiet tyre. Well all I can say is for once the manufacturer's claims are true! :-)
  2. Just picked up some 14 inch g60 lookalike wheels, can anyone tell me what tyre size would be most suitable? Thanks
  3. Just picked up some 14 inch g60 lookalike wheels, can anyone tell me what tyre size would be most suitable? Thanks
  4. My spare wheel isn't sitting right in the well and is bulging through the boot liner, is anybody able to get a picture of how it is meant to be because i just cant figure out what is wrong?
  5. Hi everyone. Need a little advice with tires, I'm working on buying my first set of alloys but i'm not sure what size alloys and tires would be best. I don't want to have to roll my arches but i intend on going a bit low, i was thinking something like 15x7/7.5 with 195/45/15 tires, but i want a small amount of stretch. can anyone recommend a good combination? thanks very much all.
  6. Hey guys I recently lowered my cars on TA Technix coilovers and after having them for two days they have already started chewing through tyres. I think it might be because of the profile on my tyres which are 65, but not sure is the strut was put on properly. So I may end up buying new wheels and lower profile tyres. Thanks Ben
  7. OK guys, upon deciding what wheels to go for and whether they would fit. I used a Tyre guide calculator and came up with a number of options. I also noticed people were asking about the same type of wheels and if they would fit. Below is a quick Photoshop of how a variety of wheels compare to each other and should give you a better understanding if they will fit or not. Simple to read, provided some annotation. Enjoy. Tyre sizes Original VW wheel 185/55/14 Banded Steel 175/50/13 Minilite 145/60/13 Weller 175/50/13 Wire 155/55/14 Porsche teledial 165/45/15 These may not be the tyre size you want but good enough for you to gauge. The image is a little small on this forum so if anyone wants the full A4 size one just ask.
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