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Found 7 results

  1. Hello I’ve just bought stickers with the name “irmscher” on them, baring in mind these are just a manufacturing company for Vauxhall, I’ve also purchased some pinstripes, and an air filter from Halfords £20 I have also purchased a pioneer stereo £430 I then rang my insurance “Hastings direct” to inform them of my purchases to see if I could have them on my car, I informed them on everything but the pinstripes and they said they could not give me a quote, but they could only pay up to £300 on the radio , so if anything was to happen I would be £100 down. Why is this matter so stupid when it comes to some stickers just to make the car look like my own and individual, I would get it if it was maybe a fat spoiler or a body kit, but come on now it’s only some stickers, a radio and an air filter that just makes the sound of the car a bit more deep please can anyone tell me why this is or if there just saying it so if I was to do it they have an excuse and anyone who has any insurance companies that let you have these things With no extra cost (premium) please let me know ASAP!! kind regards Ben
  2. cj1

    CL Stickers

    Toying with the idea of making some Club Lupo stickers, probably just the ones that have the website, or just say Club Lupo. If I were to, would anyone be interested? Not entirely sure of cost but it wouldn't be more than a few quid including postage. Cheers
  3. Who's the person one would need to speak to round hear to get some ClubLupo Stickers???
  4. Hi guys, I can't be the only one that thinks the current CL sticker is a bit boring and I'm not even sure if they are still being made? (mods correct me?) I've been running through a few ideas for a new one and this is what i've come up with so far although still a work in progress. Would anyone be interested in one or have any ideas for stickers? Not doing this to harm any stickers Nicki is still selling but I think there should be an option of something more interesting! Waiting on a friend to come back with the prices per unit/job lot and what colours are available but they can pretty much be made to any specification for a price. I'm not trying to tread on any toes here just offering my ideas up to the community. UPDATE: I now have a limited number of the above stickers. Price is £2.50 + 50p postage. You only pay postage per order not per sticker so 5 stickers would still only be 50p postage. Please PM to make orders will take paypal or bank transfer dispatched quickly.
  5. JoeA

    Custom Graphics

    Hi, Just setup our new venture, Customotive Graphics. We specialise in custom designed vinyls and stickers, made to your specifications. If there's an idea for a design you have big or small we can make it happen! For any information, drop me a message on here or head over to our Facebook page @ www.facebook.com/CustomotiveGraphics Give us a like and a share if you can! Thanks Joe
  6. Just wondering what 'cheap little things' people do and stick in on and around their rides to make them their own - by cheap little things i mean the likes of air fresheners, tax disc holders, stickers, little DIY mods and whatnot. Not tacky crap! In addition to what you've done, it would be nice to know some online stores/places to acquire these miniature priced delights. Ill start things off with a little list of stuff i have found on the interwebs that i desire greatly: http://www.touge.co....ssories-9-c.asp - I personally have the grenade and turbozilla air fresheners, would recommend turbozilla http://www.itsproper...or-accessories/ http://knockingshop..../air-fresheners http://southrnfresh....outhrnfreshener https://www.dubkorps...rt/store/decals http://www.magoo-design.co.uk http://fatlace.3dcar...m/Car_c_85.html http://www.ebay.co.u...#ht_4014wt_1166 - (If the link dies it is grison black leather and vinyl dye) I used this to refurb my wing mirrors and lower bumper sections since they were just black plastic, took a few coats but worked a treat, now these parts look new. Would highly recommend. "What have you done to your arosa" i hear you ask? well clublupo, im a student and can barely afford to run my car as it is which is why i made a post about cheap little things, note the words 'cheap' and 'little'. Back to the point, i've de-badged my boot, removed bump strips, got a de-badged front grill, a couple of air fresheners, some cheap car mats, cleaned the carpets (not very well hence the mats), re-blacked exterior black plastics and fitted a boot build (on the cheap). What have you done?..
  7. Not sure if this is where this should go so if not I appologise as I'm new to all this. I have just started a new business selling custom stickers/Vinyls and T-Shirts. Designs are constantly being added to the site but if you can not find what you are looking for then why not get something custom done. Either send your enquiry to... thanks for looking
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