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Found 8 results

  1. Hi. Do any of you have 40/40 or 60/40 lowering springs? Can they be fitted on standard shock absorbers? Someone will show how Arosa looks on such a set?
  2. The Arosa mk2 has a different clock spring to the Lupo, and has a different fitment method. Part number: 6K0 959 653. I failed to get a new one from Seat, so settled for one from a breakers. First, remove earth lead from battery. No need to wait. 1. Use a T30 bit to unscrew the 3 torx screws on the underside of the steering wheel. Pic 1. 2. Un-clip yellow connector from airbag & remove black horn lead. Undo nut one full turn & tug on wheel hard to dislodge. Finally unscrew nut fully. Pic 2 3. Part number pic3 4. Clock spring pic4 5. Remove shroud from underside, by unscrewing 3 torx screws. Un-clip yellow purple plug. Pull up 3 red plugs in steering wheel. The clock spring can be removed from the steering wheel. Pic 5. 6. Place in new part, BUT make sure both arrows are aligned. Pic6. 7. Push in 3 red plugs to lock in. Locate wheel on spline - line up mark on wheel with dot on spline. Pic7. 8. Plug in yellow purple plug, & refit shroud carefully. Don’t force. Screw 3 torx screws back in. Pic8. 9. Refit airbag, re-attach yellow clip & black horn lead. Screw in 3 torx T30 screws. Pic9. 10. Re-connect earth lead. Test horn. Airbag light will need re-setting.
  3. Hello, A quick bit of advice needed please. My car was on JOM coilovers when I bought it. Last weekend I took the adjuster rings out on the rear to drop it lower. Looks good. The car is currently in the garage for a CV Joint replacement. My problem is, while they had the car on the ramps the back axel dropped and a rear spring fell out. I've been advised that this will be a MOT failure. MOT not due til april. Has anyone else come across this issue before? Is there a way of bonding the top of the spring to the body, or will this just creak. Thanks for your help, sarcastic humorous responses welcomed.
  4. Hey guys, anyone has this fitted? Planning my suspension change for the spring and initially wanted to buy Eibach Pro Kit with 30mm drop, but my mechanic said that the shocks flanges have given up and it's best to change the shocks as well. After a quick search, found out a suspension kit with Bilstein shocks and Eibach springs which sorts out my needs. My question is if someone else rolls this and how it's like?
  5. can anyone explain what the difference is, which ones are better suited and a rough buying guide would help? Thanks
  6. Hey guys I recently lowered my cars on TA Technix coilovers and after having them for two days they have already started chewing through tyres. I think it might be because of the profile on my tyres which are 65, but not sure is the strut was put on properly. So I may end up buying new wheels and lower profile tyres. Thanks Ben
  7. Hi, anyone interested in going to Spring Dub on the 3rd of March? I believe you can get a club stand if anyone wants. http://www.springdub.co.uk/ It's at the great Yorkshire show ground near Harrogate.
  8. Long Story Short; I have a 2000 1.7SDi and the other day one of the front springs went twang, So bish bash bosh i took the shocker out removed the old spring put the new one in and replaced it into the car, After this i noticed that the tracking seemed out when driving, as the steering wheel was no longer level to drive in a straight line, After this i took a look at the car and noticed an obscene amount of negative camber on the wheel. comparing this to the other wheel which is perfectly level at 90° to the horizontal i took the wheel off and investigated. and heres where the problem lies, the two bolt holes in the shocker, where the hub mounts to it, are elongated so theres a vast amount of play when the bolts are slack. And obviously the camber of the wheel is directly affected by where the hub is when you tighten the bolts. Anyway after much fannying about; getting the car level; checking the angle of the side i hadnt touched and making the one i had similar i've got the car looking normal and running straight again. i'm going to take the car in the get tracked and serviced anyway but i just wondered if anyone else had had this problem.
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