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Found 13 results

  1. Hi I have a 02 lupo 1.0 with 175/65r13 steels Just got a new set of alloys ( VW Avus Scala snowflakes) and was hoping someone could help me find out what size tyre I need and/or if I need a spacer. http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C411849
  2. For Sale: Seat Arosa 1.0S 106k FSH Regularly serviced loads of receipts Full MOT as of last week Lupo GTI interior Lupo rear lights Colour Coded Shark Fin Aerial JOM Coilovers Sub & Amp Recent front tyres and tracking, 2 rear tyres are good too. New car forces sale, cracking little car served me well over the 7 years had no problems, text message 07859433407 for more details. £700 ono will listen to sensible offers.
  3. Right, so I recently purchased a 2002 Seat Arosa. Overall it was a tidy apart from odd scuffs and imperfections expected from a 14 year old car. But after switching front bumpers I've noticed the front end doesn't line up properly and it's really starting to bug me. I have a feeing it's been in a collision on the drivers side at some point in its life, but was just wondering if there was anything I can do to rectify it? Or will I just have to live with it? Can provide pictures if you want to see. Thanks in advance.
  4. Anyone have a spare gear knob? Round style. Also Interior Door Handles Lupo or Arosa in Black. It's for a Mk1 Arosa. Based in Northern Ireland but happy to pay postage.
  5. Has anyone swapped a MK1 Arosa dash for a MK2? Is it a straight swap? Wiring all the same? bolts all line up? heater controls and such the same? If anyone has done it please let me know Cheers James
  6. Hi, my first car is a 1 litre Seat Arosa Mk2 in red, 02 reg with 110000 on the clock. I've been wondering how I can make it look better without throwing loads of money at it. Any ideas? Also I want a front grille centre piece without the S badge, any ideas where I will get one? Cheers.
  7. I'm looking to reline my headliner in my Arosa, has anyone any pictures of their relined headliners and is it easy, what glue to use etc? Also wanting to reline my door cards and I have no idea where to start, is there any how to's on here or Youtube? Any information will be highly appreciated thanks in advance!
  8. Say hi to Poppy I'm going to use this topic to post progression pictures. So this is Poppy. My first car, bought on 1st December 2013. Not a lot of progress so far, other than a full exhaust replacement as she came with a bit of a bodge job exhaust system. Other than that, just the debadged grill and a bit of sticker bombing in the interior a long with a stereo replacement.. She is my absolute pride and joy and has so much potential, I have a few things in mind such as coil overs, alloys etc. and possibly a colour coded splitter then just a few details of the interior. I'm also getting a boot build with two 10 inch subs and an amp but I'm not sure how well that's going to go yet due to the shoe box sized boot :')
  9. Hello, This is my little Arosa s, 2003. The first day I got it ... It has some bad points, the paint has faded (milky lacquer), some peel on the roof and has had a bump on the bumper... So once it was home, t-cut, polish and wax + removing the bump strips Got a new head unit, and a tiny aerial.. no pictures though.. So after a few weeks of hunting on gumtree and trying to save money for a set of wheels, I finally got a set! I managed to get them for £90, shame there wasn't any tyres. Still cant fit them because of this! Anyway, some more gumtree searching, and I picked up a set of lowering springs 40mm and wind deflectors for £55! Which was fitted today Boyfriend and his brother doing the work And after! Isn't an awful lot lower, but much better and affordable! And, only placing the wheels to get an idea how they'll look... So that's it for today, until next week when I hope to get tyres... Any feedback is welcome!! Thanks, Sarah
  10. Hi guys, got a 53 plate Arosa mk2 recently and was wondering if any of you have any ideas I could use to make it look a bit better?
  11. Putting in an infinity kappa 1400w in my Mk2 Arosa and need some advice on what size amp i need with it... I'm on a tight budget so dont really wanna spend over 250-300 pound...
  12. Epick

    Hey Everyone!

    Just to let everyone know I did finally! get my car back from the crash.. Just saving now for the insurance as it cost over £1,000 to fix... (I didn't claim as I didn't hit anyone) Anyway, I own a MK2 Red Arosa for those who don't know and the black plastic bumper on the bottom doesn't fit perfectly which is irritating still looking at the pictures I was lucky. Does anyone have a Bonnet bra or Wind deflectors or a debadged front grill without the 'S' or sprayed? Anyway nice to finally get back on here!
  13. Like the title says im kinda new ive been on the site for a couple of months and have had my arosa for nearly a year hopefully going to start modding it this year ill post a pic and you can give me your ideas, cheers
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