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Found 8 results

  1. right, so i have a lupo 1.4 sport and recently it has had issues with the idle. basicly it wont hold its revs and it cuts out making it pretty undrivable. I have replaced the battery and the throttle body as i thought that would be the solution. but it still wont run. the car is also running very ritch. The o2 sensor on my exhaust i faulty so im wondering if that could be a cause. any help would be appriciated.
  2. When i first bought the car it would idle at around 500rpm and would fluctuate up and down... I replaced the temperature sensor, spark plugs, throttle body(used/part worn) and cleaned the throttle body... But this didn't change anything it still hunted at idle... Then around 4 months ago it just mysteriously idled properly (the car had somehow fixed its self!? But now the exact same problem has returned Any ideas? (The car being lupo AFK cable throttle)
  3. Recently my lupo 1.4 16v has been cutting out at junctions when I have been coming to junctions the revs just drop down and it dies. I plugged a snap on solus ultra in the obd port and got 1 error codes throttle position actuator. Although this code came up this was not the problem the problem was the idle control valve P/N 0280142310 you can find this by looking under your throttle body and following the pipe that goes to idle control valve. I think I went through water to fast and this water hit all the electrics and messed it up. Sorry if this is a poor write up its my first time ☺
  4. Hi all, I have a problem with my 2001 (51, petrol auto) Lupo where it starts to judder/vibrate/shake/stutter after about 20 seconds of idling on a cold engine. It keeps stuttering for about 1 minute before it stalls. I can stop it stalling by holding the RPM's at 1500-2000 until the engine warms up (3-4 minutes). It's annoying and happens every single morning even when it's not that cold outside. I've heard it might be: Coil Packs Air Intake Throttle Valve Spark Plugs Throttle Body I'm not technical *at all* and have been to local garages who have charged me £30 for an inspection and said "w
  5. Hi there, My Lupo has just had a gearbox replacement, on return the car seems to have a rough idle. The revs stay on a constant 850rpm but after warming up the engine will pulsate and judder. HELP!
  6. Hi, i recently fitted a lupo sport inlet manifold and throttle body to my 1.4s but ive had problems with the car such as rough idling. The car sounds as if its cammed when at idle. On occasion the car will also cut revs and wont rev at all, i do have engine codes and i have checked them, it says P0106 - MAP/Barometric Pressure Circuit Range/Performance Problem It also says fuel bank trim 1, i have replaced the map sensor but did not fix the problem. The car is fitted with a gti throttle body which has extra vacuum pipes that don't connect up to my engine. I was wondering if it was just a case
  7. Hi, im having trouble with my lupo, its hunting in idle with the revs going up and down between 700 - 1500, this has been the case for about a month or 2 now but today another problem has occured. its not revving propperly, everytime i change gear the revs climb stupidly slow with my foot to the floor until about 3-3.5k and then suddenly it kicks in and i speed off (if thats possible in a 1.0) and when pulling off ive had to redline it to stop it from stalling, i stalled 7 times on my 3 mile journey back from work i have read a few posts with similar problems and various attempts and fails at
  8. Sorry if this is already up never really posted anything on this site D: But My Arosa Missfires when in idle but doesnt when its running also the Emissions/ Check engine Light is also on but have no clue really what to do somone suggested a Purge valve but when i asked at College they said it shouldnt really have an effect on this please help as Mot has run out and D: i have got all new Spark plugs, HT leads, Ignition Coil. thanks
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