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Found 24 results

  1. Just got my first car an 08' VW Fox. The front bumper needed a respray so i got it smoothed at the same time. Getting it as low as i can next, anyone had and experience with how low you can actually go with the car? I have looked underneath and there is about 120mm clearance for the lowest point under the car? Dont want flush or poke just a nice fitment. I am hoping to get some 15' banded steels staggered but i'm going to leave that for a later date. Any feedback will be appreciated.
  2. Hi, my daughter has a 2008 VW Fox 3dr (1.2) and has a problem with its rear wiper. At first I thought it was the motor, but upon investigation, I now think it may be a problem with the power to it. The fuses are OK, and I can hear the pump work when trying to use the washers. I’ve checked the supply to the unit, and only getting 5v? The reason why I also mentioned the washer, is because when getting access to the motor, I noticed the boot was wet and a smell of the washer fluid was in the boot. It was wet on the passenger side in the boot and I noticed dripping underneath the passenger door? how do I get access to where the power and washer pipe runs? Is there a separate unit in the rear which may have a fault due to the water escaping somewhere? thanks in advance steve
  3. Anyone got suggestions for a good rear back box that would sound good on a 1.2 Fox? Thinking maybe a cherrybomb but keen to hear what other people have done. Cheers 🤙🏼
  4. Need some help on the best roof rack to get for my VW fox to put my bike on?
  5. Good Morning all. Just a quick one. Where is the gearbox drain plug and filler plug located on a 2006 1.2l fox Cheers Kie
  6. Hey guys, I've had my fox for around 5 months now and I've recently started adding a few bits and pieces to it. I'ts a 06 plate with a 1.2L petrol engine. It had around 62000 miles when I picked it up and it now has around 68000 on it. I started off with something simple which was a gear knob change then a radio swap and I recently bought some alloys for it but they were 5x110 instead of the 5x100 that I know now is needed. I have also fitted some new brembo front discs and pads since the old ones were a little worn as well as recently fitting a chrome exhaust tip which I will be adjusting soon as I found that I can remove a plastic cover so it doesn't have to be at an angle. My next goal is to remove all scratches and dents that the previous owners have left for me. I was wanting to lower the car but I don't have a spare few hundred quid for coilovers so I might be getting some lowering springs soon. I have seen people installing Seat front lips onto their foxes so I think that could be a cool little feature to add to mine. Also once I get some new alloys I am hoping to paint my calipers red so give it that bit extra. If anyone knows how to remove the centre console so that I would be able to wrap it that would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hello, first time I have ever joined a club not even sure if anyone used this anymore but hey, thanks for any help that comes my way!! ive recently just bought s VW fox 1.2.. 22,000 miles. (Auntie went blind so she couldn't drive it anymore!!) want to start adding some nice mods to it, however don't want it looking cheap and stupid. Any ideas on where I should start? I'm wanting to stick a nice set I wheels on it, the gap is so high in the arches that it wrecks me!! Only thing is my fiancé uses the car for work and she's s community nurse so a lot of driving, so don't know if I want to get it lowered! What alloy size should I get to compensate for the arches and what other mods should I look at?
  8. As you can probably tell, no one is bothered about modifying their fox any more what i think is a huge shame. I have had mine for a few months now and am not a fan of the stock steering wheel but i really like the Lupo one. Question is does anyone know if it will fit the Fox? And if you have one for sale how much would you want for it? Thanks, Chris.
  9. Post A Picture Of Your VW Fox Link your Instagram See how well this goes Ill start https://www.instagram.com/r4key/
  10. I got bored so i decided to Photoshop my dream fox front view is with Land Rover Mondials. Rear view is of banded steels with WeAreLikewise Royals. Post a pic of your car and what you want doing i will do it when im free.
  11. MarkyG


    Hello everyone, I've just bought myself my first VW, it's a fox! Auntie went blind so got it from her and it's only for 22,000 miles! Already got some heko wind reflectors ordered, trying to find some alloys but unsure of what size to get! Going to black off my rear and front badges, but not sure what else to do! Any one who has got parts or any help let me know it will be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys, Mark.
  12. bought from : https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B003084RUS/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Thanks
  13. Recently bought my first car; a VW Fox, after 6 month of driving i'm starting to make a few changes. I'm currently trying to find a front splitter/ lip, but I can't seem to find any and don't want to risk ordering something that doesn't fit. I have a 07 1.4l Black Fox. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Tom
  14. Hi there, Please excuse my novice mechanical language.... I have owned my fox for around 7 months and recently it has developed a rattle near the top of what I believe is the timing belt, where it is attached to the engine itself. Please see video, < I let a friend who knows a fair amount about cars have a listen and he recommended that I don't take it anywhere so just now it is off the road. Any help or diagnostic much appreciated, Thanks, danielcraigdunc
  15. I have a VW Urban Fox and I'm looking to swap my VW emblems for black ones but I have no idea what size I need and I'm having trouble finding ones that fit the Fox. Are they the same size as any other VW? If anyone knows where to buy them it would be greatly appreciated!
  16. So here is my black 2008 VW Fox, I bought this car at the beginning of this year as my first car, mainly because of the price of the insurance and the cost to run, however I've decided to do a few mods. Currently saving for lowering springs / coilovers (undecided) Current mods: -Black Badges -Iphone mount, charger,jackplug, satnav arangment -15" Golf GTI mk3 alloy wheels (refurbished and painted myself) -Yokahama Cdrive 2 tires (allround) ---------------------------------------------------------Let me know what you think--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Photo shop of it about 40mm lower ?
  17. Hey guys, Been the owner of a Fox for the past two years now, but couldn't get an Urban Fox at the time, so had to get the basic one with non-electric windows! With summer (hopefully) approaching, electric windows would be so much nicer! Does anybody know if it is possible to retrofit them, and if so, how much for parts/where to get them from etc? Any advice would be much appreciated! Cheers!
  18. Hey guys, this is my first car, a 2006 VW Urban Fox 1.2 in Uranium Grey. The cars done 34k miles and its perfect for what i need it to do. Ive had it about 2/3 months now and as a car guy i'm ready to start work, the only thing has been money but thats getting sorted. ive done what i can for now with limited resources etc but ive managed to black out the VW badges, take off the other badges, take off the door trims and keep the car looking as best i can for the time being. the shortlist includes coil overs, head unit, alloys (16/17") exhaust, fog light installation, 20mm spacers and smoked lights and tints. Watch this space! big things are about to happen! any recommendations or questions welcome Callum
  19. I have a 2007 fox with an original radio in it - my problem is that the text display on the radio doesn't always work. the radio otherwise works fine and the display is backlight with the orange glow, it just doesn't show me the text of what station I'm listening to. I'd thought it was worse during cold weather but I don't think that's the pattern anymore... Any ideas on what might be going on and how I can fix it (short of replacing the unit)? Maybe related but I've noticed there's some sort of electric plug / wiring under the driver's seat and the plug closest to the front of the seat has one wire that seems to have broken and needs to be re-stripped and re-inserted. I can't find anything online saying what that's for - does anyone know this is for? Thanks!
  20. Hello, thank you for viewing my thread. This is my first one and im just going to be showing everyone what I have done to my VW Fox I bought it from a salvage yard with 12k miles on the clock, when we got it home it had damage to the front right wheel and door. We put a new door on it and fixed the wheel problem. First time using this forum so bare with me but ill be uploading pictures soon
  21. I know i really does need lowering its so high and i hate it! Which would you advise to get coilovers or lowering springs?
  22. Hey everyone, I've searched everywhere internet, manual and still cant find the size of the volkswagen fox rear wiper blade . I know that vw themselves will know but i dont want to pay out a fortune for one. Does anyone know the size? Thanks
  23. Hi help! I want to change from five stud wheels to four stud wheels, what would be the best way? Would VW Lupo/Polo hubs fit straight onto VW Fox ones?
  24. Hi guys, Right, I have a 2010 VW Fox 1.2 in Red! I wasnt very enthusiastic when I had to downgrade from my VW Golf 1.9TDI to this... anyway, i need to do something to make this car look good. I need some thoughts on: VW 14" alloy wheels to replace steels + hubcaps Chrome front mask Bonnet Bra?? (not so keen on this but open to opinions) Lowering it a bit K&N Panel air filter Wind deflectors What I'd like to know from all you experienced follks out there is if you think it would look decent.. and would the K&N make a sound difference? Also, any suggestions of cheap mods which would make it look better... I'll post pics at some point soon to give you an idea of how it looks Cheers H
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