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Found 11 results

  1. Hi everyone, was my 17th birthday on the 25th of august and i was greeted in the morning by my very own car! Soft Blue 1.4 16v Lupo!? im new to ClubLupo so im sorry if i ask questions previously answered else where!
  2. Hi guys I'm new to the forum and thought I'd create a thread for "Rosie" the Arosa who I purchased on Sunday, she only has 35k miles on the clock! Not bad for an old girl eh? This car is actually for my girlfriend when she passes which I hope will be soon, not sure what to do with her yet, obviously lows and new rims in the not to distance future, can anyone think of anything else?
  3. I know this is unlikely but would anyone be selling their Calibre Dub alloys? If not, would anyone know where to get them second hand as they're too expensive brand new Cheers Chris
  4. Hi, I have been on here for almost a year,loved Lupos for quite a while and always been into Vw's since I was a child, so its about time I got one and its happened, picked myself up a Black Lupo 1.0, saw her on Autotrader and she was in Yorkshire and I couldn't turn it down, bit far but every time I would find a Lupo for sale near me (being down in Cornwall) they would always be sold or have someone waiting to buy it, so after finding this one, I could not turn it down, and the price was great, so I called the garage up and they still had her available so after some very short decisions we put a deposit down, we were planning to collect her, but the garage had a friend that had a Low Loader and was willing to bring her down to me, this took the trouble out of getting her, so we paid and on the 30th of June she arrived at 7 in the morning. Later in the day I took to cleaning and got her shining and that was it for a couple of days.
  5. I'm new here so I was just going to introduce myself. I'm in the Peterborough area if anyone's seen my driving around, I've just bought a black seat arosa 1.4 16v sport as a first car. I'm here for inspiration for my car, I'm looking for mods I can do that won't affect my already crazy high priced insurance for young drivers. I'm looking to soon get a set of baby g60 steelies and then after my years no claims is done (touch wood) throw some coil overs on to get her low. This place seems pretty cool to communicate with people who are as passionate about there cars as I am.
  6. Could any one please tell me a good site buy cheap-ish dished rims , size 15" thankyou?
  7. Does anyone know or could anyone advise me how low ill have to go with my 13 inch dished wheels for my lupo , need help asap Thanks.
  8. Okay so heres my first car. I bought her in January. She came, de-badged with front arches rolled. Tires were bald so got new boots all round. She came with wheel trims but after ripping them off to change tyres i realised she'd look alot nicer without the tacky things. The engine was absolutely disgusting inside and dutterssssssss. So i got a paintbrush and some gum remover and made her all fresh. slammed in some new blue sidelights Then i decided it was time to make my steelies look a little nicer... Got myself some smooth hamerite and a brush and gave them a touch up after sanding. Got some center caps from the local Scrap yard and im really happy with how they've turned out. Now heres some stuff i've put together... More stuff planned for the near future, Black roof soon! Thanks, Sam
  9. Hi, anyone interested in going to Spring Dub on the 3rd of March? I believe you can get a club stand if anyone wants. http://www.springdub.co.uk/ It's at the great Yorkshire show ground near Harrogate.
  10. Hello, im new to the forum and have just purchased my first car which is a red standard mk 1 r reg arosa and was just wondering what rims you'se would recommend as im a bit stuck for choice. Im into the 'dub' and 'euro' look at the moment and wondered if you could help. My budget it around £0-£500 mark but cheapest would be good. Thanks
  11. Hello, I'm a new member to CL and I'm 16. Basically, I've been looking to get a 1.0L. Lupo for my first car and I will be going into the dub scene of course! In doing so, I'd like to get a GTI "kit" on it. Such as grill, front bumper, rear bumper, spoiler and side skirts basically. Also i'd like to get a bonnet which covers a bit of the light. But is this actually possible? I'll be looking to buy a lupo 1L. in black from the reg 2000-2005. Also if this is possible could you fellow Lupo'ers send me links where I can get the GTI stuff from other than GTI's breaking on ebay. Cheers, Jack
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