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Found 8 results

  1. How do you disconnect the plug.Is a tool or trick required?
  2. Hi I know that the vw polo 6n2 gti engine fits in a lupo 1.0 just wanted to know how much of the internal wiring needs changing for example the head light plugs and anything inside like relay connectors head light switch connector etc cheers No stupid comments please
  3. So Im pretty happy with my Loop cosmetically, (at the moment) so I thought for the new year ill get some of the maintenance and service stuff out of the way so she'll be running smooth for show season 2014! I've already compiled a small list including: Spark Plugs. HT Leads. Oil Change. Brake pads &Discs. Oil Filter. And was wondering if anyone else had any suggestions on what else to change or upgrade?
  4. I'm sure that this has been asked many times but, I want to make my headlining black and I have a three questions. 1. how do I get the ****er off? b. what's the best way to do it? paint or using some black cloth and adhesive spray? 4. what happens if I fold or crease the roof lining before it goes back in? Many Thanks A Faggy Lupo Owner!
  5. Hey I have a 1.0 lupo W reg my engine is coded AER, I want to convert it to a 1.4 engine, can anyone give me a rough idea what parts I need to change to complete this convention, like wiring changes, loom, Ecu, breaks ect. Please please help! And no I don't wana sell up and buy a 1.4 I love my green pea to much !
  6. Hey guys, bought some replacement spark plugs and I want to change them at home. I know i need a key, but would it be a difficult job to do at home, on 1.4?
  7. hi im changing from my standard double headunit.... and outting in a single din dvd headunit.... anyone have the fascia im going to need?? or want my old one?? x
  8. Hi! My car is a 2002 Lupo 1.7 SDI, done around 116k miles, so it's getting on... The car has had a second-hand gearbox fitted last year (this box had done ~50k), and had a new clutch fitted just after that. Basically, when moving the gear stick while driving, there is absolutely no feel for when the gear engages. It's like the gear stick is pretty much loose, and there is no resistance when moving it into place. In contrast, my brother's brand new polo has a very nice feel when the gear stick pops into place. However, all of my gears do engage and the car drives ok. The clutch seems fine, although it also feels very vague, and it's very difficult to feel for the bite point. There is no resistance at all when depressing and releasing the clutch, even though it is working. I want to believe that something below the gear stick is worn out, but I'm really not sure. Any advice would be great! Ta, Graham
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