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  1. Luna

    Lupo for sale. 1.0,52 plate

    Sold in 20 minutes on Gumtree.
  2. Black in colour,12months MOT,just serviced,approx 87k miles,being used daily. Engine management light has just come on,EGR valve? Car owned for ten years and had been accident damaged/repaired but no problems. £340.00 Edinburgh area.
  3. Luna

    Breakdown Cover

    Try Carol Nash. I have a six wheel policy,bike and car,but the breakdown cover is included. Had to use it twice in ten years.Once with a bike and once with a car. 5 star service. ps you don't need to have a six wheel policy.
  4. Luna

    Lupo misfiring... I think.

    Just had a misfire too. Plugs well worn and one HT lead goosed. All replaced and she's purring again,fuel filter to boot!
  5. Luna

    Arosa grill

    Grilles are not dear to buy,it's the support part that is dearer. having said that you can buy both for £66.00 support comes primed.
  6. How do you disconnect the plug.Is a tool or trick required?
  7. Luna

    New member from ayrshire

    Cheers young fellow enjoy your car.
  8. Luna


    Wow ,pricey,just fitted a new Bosch one 70A.
  9. Luna

    2014 with Sky Insurance

    Insurance purchased,thank you.
  10. Luna


    Great chance for VW to relaunch the Lupo. It has the looks and can now have the latest eco friendly power units. Call it the Lupo 11. Was it not dropped partly because of it's great build quality and cost. C'mon VW are you watching.
  11. Luna

    Scotlands Members

    Luna from the "Honest Toun" Musselburgh 02 plate 63k miles. Just MOT'D Cat replaced and one front wishbone + ball joint. MPG on the up!
  12. Primarily for a Fiat Doblo 1.9D with a Lucas Delphi Epic diesel pump,but all pumps are suffering from the reduced level of lubrication from the current diesel availability.
  13. That is the very point,pumps are failing.
  14. Other than the diesel specials which are separate during delivery the standard diesels all come from the same source and don't have the same level of lubrication. Previously before low sulphur diesels lubrication was not a problem. It has been suggested that half a litre of decent engine oil per half tank of diesel once a month is the answer. Does this harm the cat??? Questions but as yet no answers.
  15. Current low sulphur diesel is pretty poor in the lubrication stakes.

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