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  1. Just got my first Lupo, 1.6 GTI and there are a couple of issues could use advice of people with experience with these cars 1) The alarm goes off when I start the car up, and it remains on sometimes for 5 minutes after even when I drive away. I was thinking at first it was maybe a battery issue as when I first turned it over it had been lying for a while, but I took it a decent run the other night late on and it happened again in the morning. Is there a common fault/easy fix? Not keen to switch the alarm off altogether but it is an option, is there a fuse I can remove to turn the siren off in the meantime? 2) There's some noise coming from the belt/pulleys on the left hand side of the engine bay (Auxiliary belt?). Sounds like the water pump possibly, not sure when the belt was last replaced, theres 114k miles on the clock. Should I replace the belt(s?) at the same time as the water pump. I'm not really that great with cars but the reason I've got the car is to fix up and learn a bit.
  2. I was wondering if anyone may know what I would need to fit the gti alarm sensor/lights and siren etc. Any information upon this and alarm systems in general that may help will be overly appreciated. I'd love to do topic on it for others when it is done. I currently have standard central locking with aftermarket remote. I also have mk4 switch visors with the vanity lights and rear two sensor lights. Sadly didnt get the main centre light as I'm an idiot Hoping maybe a Gti member may know or even skezza as I know he's pretty sh-hot on elec and tech
  3. Noticed starting a few days ago that if i unlock the car, open the door, get it and not start the engine, it automatically re-locks and arms itself - sometimes the alarm goes off. Anyone knows this habit?
  4. Tharvey


    hi i bought my first lupo the other day and the alarm keeps going off .. i think its because the batterie keeps going flat and was wandering why the the alarm keeps going off even after i have disconnected the batterie please help
  5. Wonder if you guys can help. Have a Lupo SDI 2001, and hadn't driven the old gal for a few months until Xmas, had been sitting on drive unused, so battery obviously flat. Jump started it from Dad's Polo (all good), drove for 20 minutes then the alarm went off and wouldn't stop. Bit embarrassing, glad it was in middle of nowhere in Surrey... Anyway, I am now abroad for a few more months and car is laid up at friend's in UK for winter. Will obviously have to jump it again in the spring - just wondered how I can deal with this alarm issue, as it will probably happen again, I'm guessing? Is there a reset procedure? Not sure what kind of alarm it is, but 99% sure it's factory fit as car hasn't been modified at all. FYI alarm cut out when we disconnected battery. I'm not really technically minded, so Noddy instructions much appreciated. Be great if anyone could help! Cheers...Ben
  6. Hi, I am looking to put some basic ultrasonic senors in the corners of the Winscreen, but I haven't a clue how to get the wires up there. ( to the roof lining). If anyone can help, would be most apresheated.
  7. I was thinking of getting a Clifford system fitted, anyone got any personal experience of them? If so any recommendations of which one or where to go for it? I'm based in the West Mids, Thanks Steve
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