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  1. What's a club lupo sticker

  2. When you turn the key does everything work as norm, dash turns on, fuel pump on for a sec.... Ect.
  3. Hay, a while ago I fitted my toad alarm but now I am getting fed up of unalarming the car and then puting the key in to open the doors, boot ect. So how would I fit solinoides in as there is limited room, or how can I get hold of some locks off a arosa that has already got this? Have been looking at this for a while now and not got very fare.
  4. No worrys, I took pic when I installed my toad alarm so still fresh on the info. And didn't realise they were layed out differently.
  5. hay, you wiring in like central lock/ alarm for like indicator flash? if so put your hazard switch back and the wires are under the steering wheel you want. Green/Black White/Black The ones i am probing in the picture above. I would do the same just to make shore this is right before cutting them. If you cut them and solder them all back together with the locking as well then that should be a proper job with some heat shrink. Hope to help.
  6. Here is my little Rosie.
  7. HI, what you may find it is is the is the shift fork. Could be stuck or broken. What happens when you turn the key to the starter motor is the starter solenoid shoots back pulling the shift fork and engaging the starter motor pinon then as that happens some contacts are connected at the back of the solenoid and the motor is connected therefore spinning the pinion and starting the car. so it sounds like the solenoid is shooting back but not engaging the pinion. so my recommendation is new starter motor. If you are needing to start it try taping it with a hammer, as this may free the shift fork and engage the starter motor. Hope to be some help.
  8. really, ah, thanks. i was going to try unclipping them but was worried for breaking them as they are well clipped in. Thank you,
  9. Hi, I am looking to put some basic ultrasonic senors in the corners of the Winscreen, but I haven't a clue how to get the wires up there. ( to the roof lining). If anyone can help, would be most apresheated.
  10. Rosie02


    hi, i have finally got and fitted my coilovers as USP delayed by a day... so i have picys and a estimated price for you.. Postage will be like 15 pound, and picy here.
  11. Rosie02

    Fog.... wanted

    Ah, yha but I would like the grills as well, as I want one as a cold air feed and the other I'm Going to euro tint yellow and just have one fog. So to be fair all I want is grills with fog holes in. Any way this is what I was looking at but is sooo pricy 300625392096. <<<< eBay no
  12. Rosie02


    Yha not Defonetly. Not shore how much it will be tho. So I'll weight them then let yha know.
  13. Rosie02


    Hay, I an located just outside Weston super mare. Don't know it your close or not.
  14. Rosie02


    hay, there you go. off my facebook. http://a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/318309_2357168841663_1023495891_32663139_925955185_n.jpg
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