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  1. And I've owned 4 previous vw's but have always wanted a lupo gti
  2. 2003 Toyota celica t-sport 190, it's a Minter and I'm gutted to get rid but I can't justify The running costs
  3. I parked next to you the other nyt when I went to makkys lol I said to my mrs that I really liked the car, small world eh
  4. WOW this is amazing, ill message you when i sell my car mate
  5. If i sell my car soon mate ill come look at it, im only in stafford, i live by the castle lol
  6. you sir have one amazing car, and you have had/own sets of alloys that i would die for! one of the best GTI's ive seen
  7. Ollyb1989


    love this car! all the little touches come together so well, cant wait to get my GTI and start modding.
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