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  1. i have moved on from my beloved Seat arosa (for the time being) and bought a 6r polo. now im looking to just tart it up a bit, lower it, wheels etc. however i cant seem to find any splitters to fit the polo. does anyone know if any OEM parts fit? or should i just go with the polo GTI bumper? generally i cant find any info on the car anywhere, club polo is **** which is why i return to the old faithful here.
  2. still for sale? which standars alloys are they? updated price due to damage and pics of damage?
  3. Make: Seat Model: Ibiza Cupra MOT: 06/2012 TAX: 01/2012 Engine size: 1800 Fuel type: Petrol Description including modifications: Silver Ibiza Cupra, Y reg with Privat plate (W13RCR) good condition for age no major dents or dings, only slight dent in front bump strip ( i have new bump strip), some service history, I have new front brakes to go on, Stage 2 modified, including 4 bar fuel pressure reg, Forge dump valve Location: North Wales Images: http://flic.kr/p/anT3gV http://flic.kr/p/anVPFQ more pics availible on request 07909119642 car located in North Wales Price:£1600 o.n.o
  4. Make: Seat Model: Ibiza MOT: July 2012 TAX: 31/01/2012 Engine size: 1.8 20V Turbo Stage 2 Fuel type: Petrol Description including modifications: running stage 2 Revo software approx 220 bhp forn mount intercooler Forge dump Valve 4 Bar fuel pressure regulator 4 Brand new tyres Boost gauge N429 valve removed New rear Brakes bought, not yet fitted will come with car Cd changer in boot without cartridge Location: Porthmadog, N Wales Images: http://www.flickr.com/photos/56401344@N05/6155361274/in/photostream/ Price:£2300 o.n.o ( im after a Arosa Sport)
  5. Imterested in a Ibiza Cupra 20vt?
  6. suprisingly cheap, £1600 for me only just turned 21 with a claim and 3 points on my licence.
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