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    lupo 1.4 sport black :)
  1. Definately worth buying ap they are mint. Had them on mine for a while. Also agree their an easy driveway fit.
  2. That does seem very quick i know people with much more powerfull cars that are lighter only doing high 13's?
  3. sheps

    Lupo GTi Yo!

    Sweet gotta love these wheels
  4. Great work really want to built a lupo racer myself now
  5. sheps


    DOWNLOAD for me 5th year running
  6. Loving the new look, had to look twice at this to realise it was yours at UD's
  7. Cheers Dann just fancy tryin somethin different
  8. sheps

    Strut Braces

    Rear ARB FTW cannot fault mine
  9. Details here My link yeah mate 6.5" just spaced out a bit at the rear quite like just having a small dish on them
  10. seats are mk4 recaros and they are a burnt orange colour. Thankyou yours looked mint i had to look twice before i reckognised it
  11. sheps

    AP or Vmaxx coilovers

    I have had both AP and vmaxx and the AP are far far better, go lower, better handling, easy to adjust and good ride quality. Though i now want KW but thats cause i always want better.
  12. Yeah a girl from leamington owned it for a while i think she sold it on though
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