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  1. Welcome, your lupo looks awesome. Should go very nicely with that lump in Post some Video's once its all finished Ah the wonders of Google Chrome/ Google Translate!
  2. Again, thanks for the help guys, just went and bought everything I need to give it a service. Out of interest, where is the service light? As I can't see any service light on the dash even though the display is implying it needs a service.
  3. Thanks for the helpful replies guys Looks like it will be easy to sort
  4. I can recommend 'cheltenham vinyl wrapping' in tewkesbury, I have seen some of his work and it is top quality.
  5. Hi, The dashboard is flashing intermittently 'service INSP' and then changing to 'service miles 1150.4' Does this mean it is overdue a service by 1150.4 miles or does it mean it has covered 1150.4 miles since the last service? I want to give it a service anyway having just bought it so how would I go about resetting the service indicator once I have done the service? Thanks in advance.
  6. As title, no light behind the heater controls when the lights are on, is there meant to be a light behind them?
  7. You could try Skyinsurance, they cover my 205 3.0 V6. It costs a lot though!
  8. Thanks for the advice guys, will make sure to check the pedal box and all the other little things. I read on here about the gearboxes being a common fault aswell so will make sure to have a good feel and listen to that when I test drive it. I'm guessing the cigarette lighter will be an easy fix anyway. Which bit of the bonnet catch? the bit inside the car that releases it or the bit under the bonnet that you release with your fingers?
  9. Ah cool, thats good news about it being 16v, 75bhp? Haven't seen it yet as it is in the bodyshop having a scratch painted, I will make sure at the weekend to check nothing else has been covered up. Also I made sure they wrote on the deposit receipt that as I haven't seen it yet I can get my deposit back if I'm not happy with it when I look over it at the weekend. Apart from the usual, what should I be looking for? Any particular rust spots or anything to check?
  10. Hi all, Managed to find a nice Lupo for my girlfriend so we went over to Cardiff today to put a deposit down on it. Its a 1999 Blue 1.4 E (thats an 8v yeah?) with 106k miles on the clock. It's having a new MOT put on it before we pick it up at the weekend http://pictures2.autotrader.co.uk/imgser-uk/servlet/media?id=1203899158
  11. Hi, Thanks for the welcome No she doesn't know I plan on getting her one, I intend to keep it a secret Cheers, George
  12. Hi all, I have joined up as I will be on the lookout for a base model Lupo over the next few months and want to learn a bit about them first. I will be buying it for my girlfriend as she has just turned 17 so once she has passed her test I want to buy her a Lupo to drive about in rather then letting her loose in my V6 powered 205 I'm 21, my name is George and live in Filton, Bristol. I currently own a 2009 focus TDCI, a 205 3.0 V6, a 205 convertible which I am fitting a V6 into and a 205 GTI 1.6 rolling shell. I have always wanted a lupo GTI after having a go in my mates one, maybe one day I will sell my 205's and buy a nice Lupo, we shall see I look forward to browsing the forums and getting to know you guys. Cheers, George
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