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  1. I want to replace the fuel filter but the garage told me there are different types with different pressures and I need to get the correct one. I am a bit confused because as far as I can see the filter only has two pipes - inlet and outlet, similar to my old Lupo 1.4S. Checking with various manufacturers catalogue the part number is exactly the same as the Lupo 1.4 AHW engine and as far as I can see it is the same filter as the Fox with has a BKR engine. Searching google some Polo engines do have regulators built into the filters and they are either 3 or 4 bar. Any advice will be much appreciated.
  2. I have a basic VW Fox with rear bench seat and have acquired a split seat from an Urban model. As both of the seats are really heavy I just wonder if it is impossible to separate the seat into two for easy of installation. If I can separate the seat instead of trying to take it as a whole unit it would be a lot easier and I can do it myself instead of getting the garage to swap the seats. Any advise would be very much appreciated.
  3. I am thinking of swapping the rear seat from the bench seat to the Urban Split Seat. Do I need any extra fittings in order to fit? The garage said it is possible to swap but I yet to find an Urban Fox in order to check. The Urban split seat is suppose to be able to slide forward. I just wonder how much forward I can slide the seat. I am thinking of occasions when we have to go out with our little granddaughter with the dogs so it would be good if the seat can slide forward a bit to give the dogs a bit more room. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  4. Have you changed any of the lights to led bulbs? I replaced the tail/stop light bulbs with Philips led bulbs and the emission light came on. Everything back to normal once I changed them back to stock bulbs!
  5. It's a bit expensive to change. I just want to replace the bulb with a led bulb to see if it will be brighter than the stock bulb.
  6. Many Thanks for the tip Rich. Easy when you know how!
  7. I want to change the bulb but do not have a clue how to get the old bulb out. Do I need to take the whole unit off including the switch? What type of bulb is it? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  8. 14 mm is for the long pipe, the one that goes from the pump to the rack, the long pipe to the pump has 16mm. The 16mm banjo is for the short return pipe from the fluid reservoir to the rack. Hope this helps!
  9. I am trying to find out the location of the air conditioning pressure switch on my Lupo 1.4S. Could anyone help please?
  10. This is the door check strap filled with Hard As Nails and painted. You can get a tube of hard as nails from Poundland for £1, also the gun for £1. I injected loads of the stuff inside and filled the welding gaps with it. It is for fixing brackets etc therefore using this stuff takes ages to dry and hardened but it will help strengthen the bracket. It is quite easy to get a smooth finish before the stuff dries. I do not have a video but there is not much point because both doors are now completely silent when I open or shut the doors! Before it was welded, the bracket moved in and out but now it does not move at all. The white bit is because I fitted the rubber gourmet back last night and when I took the photo I realised the hard as nail is still not dried! Will have to touch it up but will leave it for a few days to dry. Hard As Nail is really good, I fitted the wheel arch moulding back to my wife's Jeep with the stuff and after a couple of days there is no way the moulding will come off again. I had to buy the metal brackets on the other side because they were rusted away and that cost over £55! I should have fixed the other side first before I ordered the brackets!
  11. Had the same problem as described. It was the pipe connection in the panel by the passenger rear seat. If you take the cloth panel (or card ) just above the storage box you will see the pipe coming from the washer bottle has a connector that connects to the pipe to the rear wiper motor. If you check you should notice one of the pipes was not connected (or looses) to the connector hence a wet floor and no water coming out from the rear wiper! I connected pipe and used emergency tape to wrap round the connector and had no wee since! Hope this helps.
  12. Hi guys Here are the photos As I mentioned before, it is not pretty but did the trick. I have since use Hard As Nails paste to fill all the gaps and covered all the welds to make it smooth. Will spray it over once the paste is dried (Hard As Nails set really hard but takes 2 or 3 days to dry with the amount I used!). With the support of hard as nails the bracket should be fine. I am not sure how much the welding cost. I got charged 3 hours labour but that included fitting a new cat, replaced both front wheel bearings and replaced rear brake spring sets and the welding! I have finally found a decent garage that does not rip people off! I would expect half an hour or so to weld. I have also discovered why the passenger side was clicking slightly after the driver's side door was welded and it is now almost silent. I checked yesterday and realised I did not tightened the bolts to the straps enough! It is now as quiet as the driver's side. I must had just bolted the new strap to the passenger side to check and forgot to tightened the bolts! It would appear if any part is loose it will create the clonking noise! Before the bracket was welded, the bracket moved in and out when I tried to open or close the door. I hope this helps and good luck.
  13. http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/85709-horrible-noise-from-door-after-new-check-strap/?hl=+door%20+check%20+strap This is not the same link but this member did post a video of his bracket, if you view the video you will see the bracket moved in and out when he closed the door hence the loud clonking noise, made worse with a new strap! My driver's door was the same until I got it welded. The passenger door bracket does not move when I open or close the door, once a new strap was fitted, there is hardly any noise although the driver's door is quieter than the passenger side now, probably because it is now absolutely solid with the weld! I can insert a photo of the welded bracket when I can find my camera cable.
  14. I am afraid I was wrong, the Lupo failed once again and it was once again the cat! The cheap cat I bought from eurocarparts did not last for a year. Looking at the part on their website and it actually stated not typed approved "illegal to sell for cars registered after 1 January 2001"!. I have the garage fitted a typed approved one (cost about £ 150) and I was told it just sailed through with the emission tests. Hopefully this cat will last a lot longer than the last three! I do not think I will buy anything cheap from eurocarparts again. I got a cheap water pump from them for my wife's Jeep and it seized after 4 months. I fitted the last one myself and it lasted over 5 years. The pump from eurocarparts failed without any warning. I had to get the RAC to get the car to my trusted garage and got landed a bill for over £170. Lesson learned for getting cheap parts! As the cat is over a year old (I got the MOT done at the end of April last year) it was no point taking it back because they will not give me a refund or credit. If I opt for buying decent parts eurocarparts' prices are more expensive than anybody else. For example, BuyPartsBy sells a Contitech timing belt kit for the Lupo 1.4S for just over £50 and a kit with water pump for around £ 87.
  15. jeeprk

    Door Problems

    I don't think there is a replacement for it as there is no way to get at the bracket! It will have to be welded. I just had the detached driver's side bracet welded today and now opening and closing the door is completely silent! The passenger side bracket is fine and after I fitted a new door check strap (I did put a lot of grease on the strap though) the noise disappeared. The noise the new strap made was real bad I took it out and only fitted it back a couple of days before getting the bracket welded. The mechanic actually called me to ask if I had fitted a new strap to the driver's side before he starting welding because it was making a hell of a noise! The guy welded the bracket onto the body from the outside. It is not pretty but it is out of sight but I think it is a small price to pay for smooth opening and closing of the door! Good Luck with the welding but if you want the noise to go away the only way is to replace the door check strap. It costs just over £20 from the stealers.
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