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  1. fatty

    Gary's silver arosa!

    This looks really cool. I've seen it on my estate (kibblesworth) a couple of times. You thought about Mk3 Golf colour concept Recaro's for this? Slide straight in and very comfortable.
  2. fatty

    Mk1 Arosa - 1.0mpi - Poverty

    That looks ace! It' looks like how I wanted mine to look, if I hadn't had to sell it. Love the poverty Mk1 Arosa's they just look right.
  3. fatty

    Yellow Lupo - Daily Diesel

    Gunna look great once its lowered.
  4. I ran Mk3 Golf colour concept recaro's in my base spec Mk1 Arosa. Check out my build thread. The fronts fitted straight in. I originally bought Mk4 Golf 'sports' seats for the front but the slide thing on the bottom of the seat wasn't right.
  5. fatty

    That's a bad Scotty !

    I would soooo vote if real elections were this funny.
  6. fatty

    Pic request - lupo on 16's

    This thread interests me greatly! I may well be running 16's as well as being lower next year
  7. fatty

    Whos running 17"s on there lupo?

    Non GTI: GTI:
  8. fatty

    Ami' Po Po... Porsche Tombstones

    Those beach pictures look amazing! Guess its the perfect setting for your car. Engine bay looks so neat and well thought out.
  9. fatty

    Ashley's MK1 Arosa

    I think your plans sound spot on! Maybe get the badge notch smoothed out of the grill surround.
  10. I was sure it was the starter solenoid. But I've now eliminated that from the possibilities so it looks like ignition switch is next. I've found this: http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?822547-How-to-change-Ignition-switch Which Suggests I don't have to drill anything. Still looks like an arse ache of a job.
  11. fatty

    Arosa 1 Litre Base *New Seats*

    Notch Done: Give it a good undersealing after this! Dark interior next! After an ignition switch!
  12. Looks like I need a new Igntion Switch. Searched through the site and I can't seem to find a How To. So how do you do it? Is it massively complicated? Cheers
  13. I'll bring the Hub/disc etc around tomorrow. Need an Ignition Switch! Drat!
  14. fatty

    how to get lupo very low at rear

  15. Bumped it. Started motor Solenoid is sticking. Will sort it tomorrow.

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