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  1. Hello just wondering if anyone has a Ashley 4-2-1 manifold for a GTI for sale ? Cheers
  2. Thanks for the link But I've literally for the air filter bit and none of the other kit / piping Just wondered if anyone had a list of stuff that's in the kit and will need as I was wanting to have ally piping
  3. Hey everyone Just a quick questions what piping angles / parts will I need to fit one of these ? Brought one secondhand but dunno how to fit it lol Also anyone got a picture of their setups ?? Many thanks
  4. cheers i saw the clips but werent budging so was wondering is it was attached to the bracket so at least thats gd news
  5. Hey guys , Could any one tell me how to remove the bracket that hold the terminals under the bonnet ? As mite a bit rusty and I want to give it a spray up Any help would be great Cheers
  6. were you the black Gti in Quedgeley Last nite ( Thurs ) ? i was in the silver GTI
  7. Hi again So went out this morning to look under the bonnet and I don't know where the vin plate is there's a black sticker telling the weight loads and the engine type but didn't kno if that was the vin plate So where is the vin plate ? Cheers
  8. Hi In need of some help I need to find the paint code for my lupo gti it's silver lol but I can't Find the paint code I know that it's usually in the boot it was on my red loop and it was also in the Manual , but it's not on the gti or in the manual ( Can anyone help me out ? Many thanks
  9. atomica

    fake splits

    I duno which tyres really , Im worried about it sticking out like at 15mm past the arch something like that really
  10. atomica

    fake splits

    Would the rears stick out the arches at all ?
  11. atomica

    fake splits

    Hey everyone Aving trouble working out if some fake splits will fit on my car with out any problems the fitment are: Fronts : 7 et20 Rears :8 et15 I'm running an unlowered gti , if any one could help me that's be awesome Cheers
  12. Cheers guys just dropped an email to lupoboz to see if he could shed some light on the parts
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