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  1. Looks really good,just needs tidying but nice base,have you got the Cambridge lights part number? Thanks
  2. richardn


    Thanks,any idea what spacers etc. are needed?
  3. richardn


    I want the brakes off it ,my g60 upgrade is good but need more,doesn't really inspire confidence on back roads I've asked you before but can't find the post,what pad and disc combo are you running?
  4. richardn


    A remap and a few grand lol,isn't it for sale now?
  5. Seen most mornings this week, anyone on here?
  6. Mines on 176k and still runs like a new car
  7. Forgot to add that to the spec,it's running a garage midnight stage 1 revo map, If you having an intercooler off them get it fitted there as if there is any troubles they can fix it on site ,was rolling roaded on the same day as fitting but not mapped by them,gonna wait to get the injectors and turbo done then get it properly mapped I might look into the different air box,or just junk all the standard pipe work and just have a silicone pipe to the turbo with a cone filter
  8. Mine was around 550 but had a few problems,which tbf they have sorted now. It is expensive but worth every penny,can hammer it round now and worry bout it,water temp is slightly higher though as less air flow I plan on taking it on a track soon,other than the ring
  9. Standard internals amf engine, K and n panel filter, Turbo back stainless exhaust with hidden tailpipe, Darkside developments hard pipe intercooler kit with 51mm pipes throughout(standard pipes are 37mm), Brand new engine mounts, Team dynamics 1.2 7x15 Yokohama ad08 195/50/15 tyres, Weitec coilovers , White line rear arb, Next step is Hybrid turbo , Polybushing all round, Interior strip, Bucket seats , Had lots of problems at the ring to be honest went there before intercooler was done and engine kept backing the power off due to huge intake temps upto 70c now doesn't go above 30ish degrees unless in traffic . Looking for about 130bhp plus after the turbo and injectors are done
  10. richardn


    115? Doubt it,you had it on a dyno yet? Get it rolling roaded and then you will have a base figure to work on
  11. Hi only just saw this ,I'll try and get a pic up
  12. Power stayed roughly the one with only a 1.4hp gain on dyne run,but torque was up by around 25-30 lb ft,tbh the lag is no different to how it was before
  13. I've got a darkside developments intercooler on mine and its huge,really does a good job though and will drop the intake temp by around 40 degrees,mine was backing off power when the intake got to 66 degrees,now stays around the 25-30 even in the hot weather we have had,but yes the turbo is the main restriction Hope this helps
  14. richardn

    Tdi engine mounts

    I've literally had mine done this morning ,makes such a difference
  15. richardn

    Tdi engine mounts

    Here you go :)6N0199167BF - £96.31+ Vat6N0199851AF- £62.59+ Vat6N0199543F - £61.06+ Vat Most of the cost is there mounts themselves,it's around a 2 hour job with a ramp Im guessing they are same for lupo and arose but you may want to double check
  16. richardn

    Tdi engine mounts

    Had mine done today as had the same troubles as you,didn't feel like they were doing the job Total cost with labour was £371 Might even have the part numbers,they are dealer only and one will be back ordered as mine was Hope this helps
  17. I saw l7 upo at retro rides too ,was definitely a red gti
  18. Also the dents in the first picture have been fixed now
  19. Then this weekend i took a trip to dark side developments in Barnsley to have a bigger intercooler fitted. Made a huge difference to the intake temps and really happy with how it looks and works Can just about see it through the bumper Also had a new steering wheel out of Ryan's show winning lupo,I'll post that pic up tomorrow Thanks for looking
  20. Hi there, Quite a few of you will probably know my lupo by now as I've had it for around 5years and been to many shows . Starting a new build thread as my old one is around 3 years old now. I use the car everyday and was doing around 600 miles a week ,moved closer to my work now so I have a bit more cash to throw t it to keep it going,did have a deposit on an 06 cooper s but changed my mind at the last moment I'll try and get some pics up of how it stands now
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