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  1. the "my link" above are the pics of my car thanks
  2. My link My link My link My link My link My link My link
  3. vw urban fox in black forsale.57 plate registered jan 2008 14,000 miles.elec windows and mirrors,air con, had 2 services at volkswagen and brake pads 2 days ago rear window tints limo black front window tints light tint wind deflectors red calipers and rear drums lowering springs fitted by volkswagen-got original springs HID head light kit in headlights and front fog lights. rear roof spoiler black rear badge rear tailgate chrome strip laguna front splitter on front bumper audi rs4 replica wheels 16" with tyres audi rs6 replica wheels 16" with tyres-on vehicle at the minute audi rs8 replica wheels 18" with tyres brand new NO MARKS ON ANY OF THE SETS OF WHEELS AND ALL WHEELS COME WITH CAR. not a scratch on the whole car. everyone i know loves it . £6000 ono
  4. i have a 1.0 52 plate arosa and wondered how hard it is to do timing belt on it
  5. 5x100 et 38 fit a vw fox
  6. would a 5x 112 fit a fox fox
  7. i have a fox on 57 plate.i have had 3 window switches,3 central locking motors on drivers side,1 cv boot,1 wheel bearing,i gearbox due to rear engine mount breaking and therefore pulling treads out or gearbox,another gearbox due to unable to select 1st gear due to 1st gear worn on 12,000 miles!!!!! 2 front fog lights due to steaming up,i drivers seat cover due to stitching came away and that is why i hate the thing.the gearboxes are made from toffee!!!!!!!
  8. slick1990

    Fox Noises

    yes mate i work for vw and we do it under warranty
  9. slick1990

    Fox Noises

    vw are also having alot of problems with the doors not being adjusted properly so that is what causes the noises
  10. fox wind deflectors for sale.brand new in packaging.fit into window rubbers perfect fit.retail at £69.i am selling for £50
  11. i have a 57 plate with 14k on clock now
  12. i do but bought a different hub
  13. juist to see if anyone is interested in my audi rs6 replica wheels 16" not a mark on the wheels.come with toyo tyres.195 45 16 only 2 month old.have polished since new inside of wheels on ramp.
  14. no i am going for polo gti brake discs and calipers
  15. i work for a vw van centre in carlisle and think the fox brakes are ****i am buying some rear discs and some polo gti front drics
  16. sometimes when i turn my engine off the car makes beeping noise(brake fault).my abs allways kicks in and my brakes are very poor.
  17. i think it would look good on gti wheels slammed on the ground.
  18. http://file047b.bebo.com/1/large/2009/03/1...0307938339l.jpg
  19. http://file048b.bebo.com/10/large/2009/02/...0160610605l.jpg http://file046b.bebo.com/21/large/2009/02/...0160641347l.jpg
  20. http://file046b.bebo.com/21/large/2009/02/...0160641347l.jpg
  21. hi everyone.i have been givin a nearly new ripspeed dvd player(not the best i know) as you know on the rear of dvd players there are lots off connections for various accecories and the previous owner has actually cut them off mine to make it fit into his dash properly but left 1 yllow connector saying sub.i allways thought there was a 2 wire connecton for a rcs wire??can anyone help me?
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