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  1. cpp01

    Fox Noises

    Hello, New to the forum and already two new topics for you! I see that the fox can be a little bit rattly from what others have said but has anyone had a problem with a whilstling noise at speeds around 40mph? Driving slower or faster than this make the noise dissppear but unfortunately the local councils love 40 limits wherever a national used to apply. Anyone have any ideas of possible solutions? I've checked for any obvious gaps in bodywork, windows have been opened and closed confirming its from the car exterior most probably the front offside. I have some other rattles but the whistling is the one that has me most curious! Thanks for your help. cpp01
  2. cpp01

    Fog Lamps

    Hi there, Just recently picked up a new Fox 1.4 Urban so new to the forum. I had a quick search but couldn't find out on the forum or t'internet what size the fog lamps are in the fox. Does anyone know what sizes they are or what products slot in really easily? Was considering possibly going for auxillary lamps rather than fog lights as its rare when you can legitimately use fog lamps. Thanks for your help. cpp01
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