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  1. any close up pictures of the damaged area?
  2. well if i was in doubt im not now ive fitted new rims,just coilovers to bang on now,but couldnt wait so git a little photoshop done
  3. im sure all will be well when its runnin again,will update with pics when shes lookin better,with the kw coilovers i bought before it broke
  4. loops gone an now my g60 is broken the mk1 will be sold to pay to sort out the g60 now
  5. yeah,avid merrion must be biddin on it lol
  6. yup it sure is a nice base im leaving it to destiny now
  7. face off!!! got people interested in buying both,which will go first lol all im going to be left with is a mk1 gti in a million pieces,which is also available for the right price
  8. bought another car because someone said they 100% wanted to buy my old one,now it looks like i will be advertising both for sale an keep whats left
  9. 86k an going strong,well its sat on my drive doin nothin at the min while i drive the g60
  10. cheers,she was my pride an joy im gonna fit the schmidts i bought for the loop,20mile trip to work an back so not that bad havin both isnt an option as i want to mod one or the other so will need to sell one of them
  11. i used to have on a few years ago,worked out the same as the TT to run this is my old g60
  12. selling the gti to run a corrado g60 as a daily? the loop is so much nicer to drive but i love the looks of the rado an the sound of the g60 maybe the wrong forum to ask but which would you sooner have? loop my new g60 should i be sellin the rado instead lol
  13. im actually a little shocked mine hasn't sold yet,im also gettin tempted to keep it do a bit of work on it an see if the market changes,ill just garage the corrado an leave the mk1 in bits
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