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  1. Also have a bonnet latch £5 + £3.50 pp
  2. The headunit is black, the amp is silver. I can include some wires if you want. £30 posted for the headunit £25 posted for the amp Ill do them both for £50 posted
  3. Jesus handles are the interior upper grab handles. Ive replied to all PM's
  4. Yeah, its unpainted. Never been fitted.
  5. Exhaust and black plastics prov sold
  6. speakers are 6.5 inch, no idea if theyll fit a golf I think i do have the tweeters somewhere mate, ill check tomorrow
  7. looplooplupo

    ATS Classics

    You can put whatever you want on tbh mate. People run 16's without doing archwork. If youre only lowering it 40mm you wont have any issues
  8. Mine were a nightmare to get off due to the screws being rusted in. Probably be easiest to take off the lower bumper, unplug the bulb holders and just unscrew the 3 screws holding it in
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