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  1. Yes. Longer is better. i sealed by base with a new gasket like below. Fitted perfectly. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B016QC6JZ0/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  2. I bought original length aerials for both my cars. They were 40mm. The research I did suggested short stub aerials are not so effective as longer ones. Good luck
  3. Mine was simple screw out/screw in. This video below appears to be yours too.
  4. If it’s like the ones I showed you, it will unscrew. i can only guess it may be rusted or cross threaded.
  5. They came supplied with 2 different adapters. One 6mm to 6mm. One 6mm to 5mm
  6. Both my antennae (Lupo and Mini) look like this:
  7. Not on mine. It was a simple screw out. I also just replaced one on my Mini Roadster and that too, was exactly the same.
  8. The whip part has a male screw thread. It screws into the female thread on the roof base. Mine came off quite easily. It may be seized and require grips on the male thread. Good luck
  9. You may find this site useful https://www.wheel-size.com/
  10. Chris, You May find this useful. https://www.wheel-size.com/ Kev
  11. £80 for the whole job....key and coding. Tool............they used a variety of software programmes to work through the process on three different mobile devices. Sorry but I can’t tell you anything more “techie” than that. At one point the key would start the car but then cut out. It was soon sorted after a bit more “magic”. All well above my pay grade!!
  12. Yes. Five digit pin starting with zero
  13. It seemed that the later Lupo key could be done easily enough but the earlier ones, like my 2000 model, were a problem.
  14. For what it’s worth, all the key people I contacted said the Lupo was a particular problem child to duplicate keys for. Timpsons did a transponder key for a mates 1999 Polo for £55, but there was sighing and gnashing of teeth when they read the Lupo key.
  15. The five digit pin code began with a zero.
  16. Once completed, I was supplied the 8 digit key code and a 5 digit PIN code
  17. That’s exactly what was done, though they used a number of different software programmers to identify the correct coding.
  18. Thanks for that info. The aftermarket Sony in my Lupo would not hold presets, the correct time, any general settings, and I could not disable the demo mode (flashing lights etc etc). All sorted withe the swap of yellow and red wires. Great. Thanks again.
  19. It was key and car. The key was cut in a few minutes. The reading and pairing of the chip took some time and involved going through a process using my original key and the new duplicate key being inserted into the ignition.
  20. £80 as a total job......key, key cutting and chipping. Timpsons claim they could have done it but it would have been around £130. I have my doubts though. There was an issue with the coding on the Lupo. In fairness, Timpsons charged my mate £55 for a straightforward Polo job. It seems the Lupo is a problem. I only found one other locksmith who could do it. Hope that helps. Kev
  21. Trying to source a duplicate key for my particular 2000 Lupo 1.0E was not easy, even though it was a simple non remote version. Most autolocksmiths were unable to clone a transponder key for this particular car. Strangely enough, Timpsons could apparently do it, but it came at a serious price and required significant delay. Eventually I found Autolockmaster, a non franchise company, covering central England around Gloucestershire and Worcestershire areas. They were excellent and reasonably priced. The company consists of Martyn and Dave, both friendly and helpful types. Lin
  22. A very quick look on eBay produced these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Lupo-Wing-Mirror-Covers-Blue-pair-Volkswagon/274186720336?hash=item3fd6cd5450:g:bxMAAOSwgrBeEvv8 Good luck
  23. Thanks for pointing that out. I was not aware of that.
  24. Thanks 😊 Cambelt sorted and a full service done, though I did waste a few quid on a pollen filter that it does not require. Still waiting for the tailgate struts to arrive. Once the car is moving it seems to take 5th gear and purr along really nicely, that is until it meets a serious incline! Little belter of a car.
  25. Well as a lifelong VW fan, I could not resist this little Lupo with just 34k on the clock bought from a trusted trader I know. It has very limited service history but looks and sounds superb. The bodywork is almost perfect. Having never owned a Lupo before it has opened up a new little adventure. In the absence of a full service history I feel I need to get the cambelt renewed. Other than failing tailgate struts, everything else seems hunky dory. If anyone knows this car, I’d be pleased to hear from them. Manual windows, mirrors and door locking keeps it lovely and simple too.
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