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  1. That is very useful! Thank you
  2. Thanks, will look into it further so. I do intend on doing suspension next but not worried if my car doesn't look bagged, it's my daily driver so comfort it important.
  3. Hey Guys, I'm having trouble finding min and max wheel sizes. What is the largest rim I can put on a stock non gti lupo? Will 15x7j fit with et20? On the correct tyres without any rub? I'm looking at these; JR9 Gold 15x7j ET20 w/195 x 50 tyres - can't afford BBS's at the moment. I know nothing about wheels and tyres so learning everything for the first time, Any help or advise is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. ChrisT

    Hi from Dublin

    Thanks LR5V, I think it's the stalk after further inspection. I haven't replaced it completely yet but I got the indicator to work if I move it down just a bit. Thanks for the pointer. Now to search the forums for a min and max wheel size chart
  5. ChrisT

    Hi from Dublin

    Thanks, I'll give that a go. Is there a recommended shop for Europe shipping to Ireland that would stock that kind of stuff for lupos?
  6. Hi every body, I bought my first lupo today. 1litre 2004. I couple issues I plan to fix myself but I'm hoping someone has had this issue before. My left indicator is not working. The lights work find on the hazard lights and the right indicator works perfect. The left does not click but there is a very slight flash when first turned on. The car was looking nice at a good price so praying I can fix this cheap. Never worked on a car before but looking to try repairs myself if I know what I'm looking for. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Did you find the answer? My hazards and right indicator are working but not my left
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