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Replacing Heater Matrix - Dashboard out Job, only for the brave

Removal of the fuel level sensor in the tank - easy make sure tank is low - Diesal only Im not sure im brave enough for petrol

Wheel bearings - Front

Gearbox Removal And Refitting - Top tip you will need a engine crane to refit, but can be removed without

Rear beam removal and refitting - simple enough job

Rear drum Brakes - Top tip loosen the handbrake adjustment right off when fitting and removing cable

Power Steering High Pressure hose - Tip remove battery and tray, disconnect clutch cable disconnect injector loop, remove earth connected to gearbox, live to starter motor and undo bolts on washer bottle, should give enough wiggle room

Cam belt replacement Polo1.4 tdi pd

Automotive Electrics - fitted multiple subs and amps over the years various cars

Handy Part Numbers

Fuel Pump Solenoid 028130135F


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