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    Medway, Kent, but im from Manchester 0161 u knooooooooo
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    i like cars, music production, girls, girls who like girls, man united, goin gym, brandy and diet coke

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  1. has the overall bass improved now u have rear speaker? where did u get the speakers from and how much did it cost u to get it done?
  2. wow thanks for the replies guys and girls! this forum is like buses in a way, no replies for a while and they all come at once or is it because i havent been checking up frequently enough ive got in touch with someone who deals with mods near me and he said he will install it for me for £40 but i need to buy the lighting kit myself which shouldnt be such a hard task as theres loads on ebay. when i do get it done i promise to get some pics up for u to see to the dude who had blue lights in the lupo, i know what u mean! thinkin about it, if i install these lights it shouldnt make me look chavvy, its just showing my love for lighting (when i open the door) Also pete i like ur mates idea of havin the switch under the seat, i might bear that in mind!
  3. yeah dude thats what i had in mind, so it ligts up when i or passengers get in, i couldnt deal with it being on all the time, but just wanna give my car something new cos its just boring standard, thanks for ur thoughts anway ill listen to anyones opinion
  4. hi sorry if this sounds kinda chavvy but im thinking of installing either red (to match the oem colour of the fox) LED or neons in the footwell, does anyone know the best way to go about this? ive seen kits on ebay but i wouldnt have a clue how to install them
  5. jesus christ dude £180 so cheap?!? i know in april after driving a year (and hopefully havin 1 years no claim) my insurance should drop very nicely thanks for the prompt reply, i saw the other thread regarding your speaker set up which i find very useful as i need to get my sounds sorted out, the factory speakers just dont cut the mustard!
  6. i have a 1.2 urban fox, i agree with an earlier poster the back end looks kinda ugly from some angles in my opinion. Also yeah some of my mates take the mick out of my "vw fox" but i stil think its better than a punto, fiesta and corsa end of the day. Its an ideal first car
  7. Does anyone know anywhere decent and reliable in the kent, preferably medway, that i can use in future to mod my vw fox? at the moment im saving up money for work on lowering the suspension and new 15" alloys. Also being a first year driver my insurance is scraping the £1000 mark fully comp, would the new suspension and wheels increase my insurance by a lot?
  8. yello feeva


    Hello all, i dont usually sign up to forums as such but this one seems worthy to keep check on. Im currently driving a 07 Fox, its my first car i know its a bit late but i had problems when i was 18 which delayed me in driving. Im looking to mod my car as t looks like i will be driving the damn thing for at least 3 years. Hope to get chatting to you all soon! Vinny p.s the hatton fight last night was intense, i almost shed a tear when hatton got knocked down first time round, unlucky r kid
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