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  1. Ive Just Bought Some Polo GTI (9N3) seats to go in my Lupo GTI, anyone had experience fitting these before and can give me some tips to fit them in? Thanks in advance Jay
  2. Ill test the alternator at some point this week, however i got in the car yesterday morning and the light for engine management was still on but no beeping.. when i finished work the light had turned off and no beeping. its only beeped once in the last 50 miles. seems strange for this to just solve itself.
  3. How do I do this? I'm useless when it's comes to mechanics,
  4. Have people had to replace alternators previously then?
  5. Plugged it into obd reader and it's reading code P0600 - serial communication link malfunction . Related to the electronic control module and one of the supporting modules. Why do I have a feeling this is going to be expensive trying to find the fault in the ECM
  6. Got in my car this morning and started the engine fine, drove for no more than two miles and a beeping started, the abs light and the handbrake light lit up and then beeping continued, I've checked oil level and it's fine, can't see any obvious leaks however the engine light has now lit up also. Any help would be appreciated, trying to track down a obd reader.
  7. Only Had the car since September, there is another silver Gti going round, Seen one the other week in Matchborough
  8. It's pretty clean, got some bubbling in the paintwork in places, especially the spoiler.
  9. So I've been browsing through this website for a few weeks, thought I'd finally sign up. I've had Lucy since the end of August but I've only been driving her for a week, not bad for a first car. I love her. Thought I'd share her with you all. Dont have many pictures as of yet but heres a few.
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