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  1. Scroat

    Roof gutter

    I assume you’ve tried the main dealers as they were available two years ago. You have to have them painted before fitting
  2. Scroat

    Lupo GTi Alloy wheel centre caps.

    OEM’s were still available from VW six months ago. Set of 4 were approx £90 - not cheap. I have two non OEM that you can have free but unfortunately not a full set
  3. Scroat

    Japanese LUPO GTI's

    Grumpy, I've sent you a PM re my UK unmodified car that has only done 41,500 miles
  4. Scroat

    My new Lupo GTI

    I was no 8 that called originally and did follow up on 21st when re listed so just wondered if they were truthful or salesman couldn't be bothered. Nice car, as you say it has a VW warranty and when sold through VW dealers they go like the proverbial off the shovel There was a similar car sold by VW Great Yarmouth at the end of last year, same mileage and one ownwer and missed that by a matter of minutes
  5. Scroat

    My new Lupo GTI

    It was originally listed about three weeks ago and sold within hours but then the listing reappeared on Saturday 21st March when the VW garage in Yorkshire said that was an error, so out of interest did you offer to purchase on the original date or around Saturday 21st March?

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