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  1. Ms.Gem

    Hi from France

    Welcome, loving the 3.5! Where abouts in France are you?
  2. I miss mine so much but tbh wouldn't have another.. After holiday in April, I'll be looking for some Coilovers/wheels.
  3. Welcome, I'm just up the A46 near Bingham.
  4. Hoping to go to the 19th feb one but depends if i've recovered from an op or not.
  5. Nice, go to any of the derby dubs meets?
  6. Name: Gem Age: 30 From: Nottingham Job: Mental Health Admin Drives: Seat Arosa Other Information: Classic Cars, Xbox, Cats, Random Drives Picture:
  7. Ms.Gem

    Hi from Luton

  8. Welcome, nice to see someone localish!
  9. Sorry to drag this up. I'm just outside Notts
  10. I have a thing for E30's.. regardless of the state
  11. Thank you, a friend had suggested drilling holes in it, but if the hairdryer option works, will try that first Nice E30 btw
  12. Thank you, will have a look tonight
  13. Firstly, here's some of my previous cars... i've had a lot more VW's. Having always had bigger cars, it's quite strange being in something so small. It's got 83k on the clocks. It's got some scratches down the passenger door, and a couple of bits on the bumper so going to see if T-Cut will get them out. Mainly going to tidy it up first then take it from there. Only issues I have so far - - The rear wiper doesn't work (possibly seized as the car was sat for 2 years) - The drivers door lock barrel comes out the door if the key isn't turned a certain way. - Passenger light is condensated How can I fix these? Is it easy? The door lock is annoying me more than anything.
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