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  1. Needing an electric widow motor for drivers side to fit a lupo gti, I hope someone has something if so Reply or PM me Cheers Gaz
  2. Oh right cool Make sure you give us a wave and a beep next time you see me
  3. Thats me mate lol, what car were you in?
  4. cant find a switch... battery is in the boot mate :/ so there is a backup battery for the alarm?
  5. If anyone knows? im pretty sure they are on the mk4 Golf so not sure if the backup battery for alarm is on lupo GTI too. If there isnt one then its not a problem as i can sleep fine, its just if my alarm starts going off at 2 in the morning and doesnt stop and i dont know how to stop it. Or if there is a fuse you can take out or anything??
  6. Hi everyone need urgent help! My alarm keeps going off for no reason, i have disconnected the battery to shut it up. my stepbrother who is a mechanic thinks there could be a backup seperate battery for the alarm incase the battery goes flat Does anyone know if lupo gti's have these? and if so how can i turn it off/disconnect it many thanks in advance... i hope you can help!!!!!
  7. whats your @? Hopefully some people from here will start following each other...
  8. GazLupo27


    Thought id start a thread about it, anyone on it? Feel free to follow me @gazstaples Gaz
  9. bit of a slow reply but just looking as i've got one coming tomorrow if you have problems with orange signal give them a ring, they've combined with t-mobile so you can get much better signal with one of those texts you get then delete and turn your phone off and on again. Not that its just the iphone orange had problems, the signal was s*** on my htc too, but much much much better now! ...and i got a decent contract cause orange love me
  10. I took my test at sutton in ashfield too! Passed first time
  11. Thanks Moneys not much of an issue, I just want the best
  12. Well i had a 50cc moped when i was 16 and then churchill insured me for my first year in my old 1.4 lupo for £1300 on my own policy as they allowed 1yr n/c from the moped! Thats carried on and now i'm 19, 3 years n/c and a GTI for £900 a year.
  13. Are these tyres any good? If not what does everyone recommend for 195/45/15? Cheers
  14. If you see me give us a wave! Mines the silver GTI with black bonnet Gaz
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