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  1. So the key will not start the car but if I jump from battery to the solenoid wire it will start I'm debating whether to just run a new wire from the ignition switch see if that works any other ideas or help will be grateful .
  2. Humm not sure I check them regularly and no movement at all unless it's not gone completely yet I'll have a look thanks
  3. Hi guys me again lol Ive got a constant squeak coming from the left brake disc I've changed everything disc caliper sliders pads everything I've even removed the copper grease and cleaned everything up and it still comes back within 5 minutes of driving and getting the brakes hot the squeak goes away when I apply the brakes and comes back the second I lift my foot off the pedal I'm at a complete lose of what to try next any help guys thank you
  4. Legend @mk2 your the best always has the best advice I'll look into doing this asap rocky πŸ˜‰
  5. Hey everyone I am in the need of information about changing the crankshaft oil seal as I'm leaking from behind the flywheel is it an easy fix or a ballache? Can the seal just pull out and replace without removing the whole unit or isn't that possible any help is much appreciated πŸ˜ƒ
  6. It's weird how I've only touched that one thing and the whole car is vibrating more than a dildo lol
  7. Humm I'm sure mine is ok since they have been changed recently and the mount Is the only thing I've touched that can cause this can only try to fit the old one and see if it is because of a new part has been fitted
  8. So I just changed the rear gearbox mount that bolts to the subframe and now the whole car is vibrating when accelerating or rolling along any help with this would be much appreciated guys thank you.
  9. If its a universal one then it can be attached to the central console that runs inbetween the seats just have to screw it to the plastic bit i dont think anything else would fit without huge modification to the car link or post a photo could help more
  10. Hi guys Im in the need of torque specs for the six stretch bolts in the center of the flywheel i can't find them online any help would be appreciated Thank you
  11. Also did the sump seal and cleaned the oil pickup
  12. So i got my replacement ahw engine a few weeks ago. Finally got around to cleaning off all the oil and dirt from its past. Its done 96k miles and seems to have had the belt changed at some point as its all new looking. The wife @Rgillett is currently in the process of painting it so its nice and clean ready for its new home. Ill post on this when i get more pics and updates.
  13. As stated before have a look around might find something better they are so easy to fix parts are cheap and easy to find on the web. service kits are best to get soon as you do decided to buy can find them under 100 pound in my experience no need for top notch tools to service a cheap halfords set would be suitable
  14. Tell me about it. Just have the rear to do now but i wont even bother undoing the bleeder ill just buy new and not have any hassle then good to know that the car stops fast now after a number of tests at different speed (under 70mph)
  15. Its the little 2pin connection in this lock mechanism (top left)
  16. You'll have a micro switch that are easily broke ive done the same thing with mine it don't bother me i know if its shut or not might need to replace the switch.
  17. Everything is done now had to replace everything as it was all rusty and old looking dont think its every been touch since the day it was born is the brake fluid green from factory or does it turn that way after the 20 odd years of neglect? The bleed nips were buggered snaped the head off one and the other rounded out even tho i was using heat to free them but no joy so 200 pound later i got new everything and it stops perfect now
  18. Thanks for all the advice @LR5V from what i can see all the brake lines are sound no corrosion at all! Just the rubber hose that comes off is perished hope that it will go all to plan fingers crossed ill definitely give everything a good soak. I have new bleed nips for the front and my rear wheel cylinders are fairly new so now issue with them i hope. 😊
  19. Hi guys Im upgrading my original brake hose's since they are about to burst and have perished with age. I have a full set of Hel braided coming and need to know of any tips or advice of any problems to look out for since everything looks to br original never been undone ive pre soaked the bolts and connections on front and rear in hope that the job of undoing them will be easy. Thanks
  20. Any idea where I can get one or are they hard to find? Thanks guys
  21. Try unplugging the coolant sensor on the thermostat housing should be a blue square one or a green D shape sometimes they can tell the car to run funny like mine did i got a new one and the issue was fixed hope this helps
  22. Off road like a proΒ 


  23. Hi guys Just out of curiosity do any of the lupos have under trays since i have a flap on the front and in the arch liners i have bolts that have broken plastic holding them in leading me to believe that i used to have one at some point i have a 1.4 16v s 1999 Thanks
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