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  1. Yeah I must of being blind just been out on the bicycle (which sucks in Dundee BTW) seen 3 Arosas,cool black one at the hub student digs
  2. Not on svag will check it out though
  3. hope to bump into some (not literally )
  4. amazing wheels and the AUX cable you did is clever, inspired me going to do the same
  5. very interesting thread to read some great work
  6. Purple and green does look cool reminds me of them old bruiser sweetys lol your lucky to find a lupo that colour I'd love that car you done it justice though
  7. Any members live up here? I don't see many lupos around only spotted one black one once. maybe I just don't know where to look
  8. jgee

    new here

    Cheers man and I'm doing the same can't wait to have two working windows
  9. I'll try anything,think I got an idea about what may have caused this I'm sat in the car in the rain without the door cards on and there's some dripping coming in inside the door, must be because of the slightly bent door or window not installed correctly just on a piece of wood, the waters probably killed the motor, trying to protect my other cables now
  10. Pricing up a replacement, breakeryard.com got a good quote with motor, was at VW this morning to pick up new check strap pins, Window regulator = £97 Motor = £200 odd The guy was ashamed to tell me lol
  11. That was the drivers side switch with two buttons, swapped the clips around and both worked the window, but the button for passenger side only raises it, the other switch on the passenger side has a different shaped plug so couldn't move it The wire was just a normal wire think it was going to the door speaker but tried it anyway
  12. Gonna have a shot will try the simple ones first I have got electrical cleaner in my toolbox, although I think it cant be so simple and itll come down to the taking it a part bit, sods law Edit Well I did find a loose wire when checking, a brown one reconnected it but can't see any difference, and interesting thing the drivers switch both switches work but the passengers switch doesn't bring the glass down only up, still a dead passenger side regulator whilst doing all of this, and couldn't get into the motor its the one size I didn't have of star headed screwdrivers, shame id like to have a go at that
  13. Yeah mate drivers side is good, but nothing moves the passenger side, if your stumped then I'm in trouble haha Just been to see my mechanic mate and he's given up on it thinks i should just replace it infact he wants to just replace the whole door
  14. Just figured out how to upload more than one pic, the drivers door switch works for that window and central locking and the key controls the drivers window so I'm confused, the passengers door has been attempted to be broke into in the past and is slightly bent at the top but the glass still goes up tried it earlier when dismantled and don't think any of the electrics were damaged so probs unrelated https://plus.google.com/111790000470717685819/posts/gA3QXH1d5Ku
  15. Here is my window regulator free does anybody see anything wrong with it right away or is it something more serious ? https://plus.google.com/111790000470717685819/posts/5BHqm2R6kM5 Thanks for your time guys Edit: clips look ok to me but I'm no expert trying to move it up and down by hand but it won't move
  16. jgee

    new here

    Also got the leather interior and heated seats https://plus.google.com/111790000470717685819/posts/38jF9bJPmPA
  17. Man that guide is brilliant will be very helpful, I was wondering where the power supply for the motor was because i thought it could be unplugged, tried to reach through but couldnt find anything Update: got bored so had a go, turns out it was plugged in, halfway through removing the regulator now... My regulator was not connected to any clamps at the top, found two empty spaces no sign of any bolts gonna leave it for tonight don't wanna move the wooden block at this time
  18. So it couldn't be a dead motor? The thing does nothing no sounds not even a wiggle You got a point though will take it out and have a look at it tomorrow, got the wood to keep the window shut so should be ok
  19. Just been to the late night garage bought some new fuses because one of the electric window fuses was missing, but it still didn't do nothing with a new fuse.
  20. No theyre total dead, the piece of wood holds up the glass at the top fully closed, an improvised window regulator
  21. jgee

    new here

    My lupo https://plus.google.com/111790000470717685819/posts/NohBRu9bL95
  22. https://plus.google.com/111790000470717685819/posts/QUvFuuuV16B My lupo has this inside it, no response from the window buttons on either side not sure how to tackle this problem, any ideas Thanks
  23. Yeah sorry I wasn't clear just the pins I needed hopefully the straps themselves are ok not sure yet
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