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  1. Changing seats would be too hard to change back if I wanted to sell to someone as it came from the garage. You have given me an idea for now seat covers though. Thanks any more suggestions?
  2. Hi Guys, have owned a 2009 1.2 Fox (urban) for roughly 1.5 years and starting to get bored with the look of the interior (it isn't exactly exciting) and I want to give it a bit if colour. I have seen that a lot if people are using sticker bomb pages but not sure if I like them or not. also I don't want to be doing anything to Basil (fox get it?) that can not be easily reversed so that it can be sold looking as if it was straight from the garage. Also anyone got any clues in how to change the gear knob on the fox. A lot of people have said that you pull up the leather gaiter and there is a screw or a clip but personally I can not find this. Again is this easily reversible?
  3. All CD's in my little handy box. Got it filled upto the brim. Really could do with another under the passengers side but Hay Ho one is better than none!
  4. As a fellow fox owner I can assure you that you are definatly normal. The fox is a small car and may only have a small engine (dependant on your engine size of course) but it is indeed a lot of fun :-).
  5. I believe dual carriage ways are 60mph unless there is a central reservation in which case they are 70mph. On the matter of reviewing the Fox for me as a relatively new driver I believe that the fox is a good car to get to grips with. Although my model is the 1.2 petrol with 54 bhp (I believe) it still does have a nippy feel to it when going at the 60 mark on country roads. Nobody said that the fox was going to be great for acceleration and the likes but it is as advertised; a cheap car to buy, tax, and insure. You get what you pay for at the end of the day and for me the fox is more than ideal for my journeys.
  6. Anyone got a photo of the screw. Having trouble getting my gear knob off too. Sorry to sound like an amateur here.
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