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  1. Ah, yes, this is EXACTLY what I mean. I was pretty sure that I would need to take the lock module out, but I wanted to be sure before I attempted it. Thank you very much for your help Texa, I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. Have a great Christmas!
  2. What I mean to say is, my inner door handle stopped working so I removed the door card to find that the cable had snapped. I have bought a new cable but I cannot see how to remove the old one from the door.
  3. Hello, Does anyone know how to remove the door handle cable, specifically the end furthest from the door hinge? Do I need to remove the door lock? Many thanks.
  4. Hello to anyone reading, I have just bought a 1.7 SDi which is on JOM adjustable coilovers. As I am going through the bits & bobs that he gave me with the car I have come across 2 blue threaded rings with 'VW 01' on them. Am I correct in believing that these are the rear adjusters? I am not too bothered about being majorly low, so I am thinking about putting them back in, as I am concerned about the springs not being seated correctly. From reading other posts this would put the car back up about 10mm, is this correct? And finally do they go at the top or bottom of the coilover. Many t
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