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  1. Hi Clive, Sold the car over a month ago. Forgot to take down the ad. Sorry.
  2. The box allows for manual shifting which lets you sit in one gear, provided you don't use kick down. The power run (see dyno printout) was done in 4th gear. JB autoservice (renowned vw diesel specialist in the North of the Netherlands, lots of 3L knowledge) once tuned a 3L to about 105 bhp. Box was converted to manual, higher capacity injectors, bigger turbo, the works. Tuneko, the hypermiling lad from Finland (visit his YouTube channel for a laugh and some good old Finnish common sense) had a fairly similar setup in his Lupo 2L. You read that right - two litre. He did some really trick mods on his Lupo. 105ish bhp must be the limit on an 085 box, because as we all know these are made of chocolate. Apparently the bellhousing is different to other boxes, so swapping to a stronger box is not really an option.
  3. Tough call, this. I'm familiar with Vauxhall Novas and I know quite a few lads who converted theirs to RHD. That said, a Nova is heaps less complicated than a Lupo so converting Lupo will pose a few challenges. Let me see... Power steering column, RHD dashboard, modified (lengthened) wiring loom, auto pedal box, RHD wiper mechanism, RHD rack and pinion, (GT) brake servo and pipes, lights, electric wing mirrors. Looks like an engine out job to me. Much better access to stuff hidden low in the engine bay. 😎👍🏼
  4. Turbo was replaced by a new one. Made no difference. Compression not checked but going by the power output, this must be okay. I've had several VW diesel specialists look into it but they were unable to give a definitive answer. Seeing as oil consumption hasn't increased over time, it is a bit of a head scratcher. Bought a replacement engine just in case, but never needed it.
  5. Lightweight indeed. Have not compared this to a steel bootlid, but seeing as the alloy bootlid requires different gas struts I'd imagine it's a fair bit lighter.
  6. This 3L blows a 1.4 TDI into the weeds. 😎
  7. Oil pump chain was replaced at 240,000 km. Tacho reads 377,xxx km now, so the chain has done less than 140,000 km. You're right about the oil chain layout, this isn't the best of designs. 🤨 Parts are cheap indeed, but replacing the chain is quite labour intensive.
  8. ⬆️ This should answer your question. 👍🏼
  9. Make: Volkswagen Model: Lupo 3L MOT: January 2021 TAX: n/a Engine size: 1191 cc Fuel type: diesel Description including modifications: see below Location: Lelystad, the Netherlands Images: see below Price: £2,250 obo In brief 2003 VW Lupo 3L 1,191 cc 3-cylinder turbodiesel Robotised semi automatic 5-speed gearbox Left hand drive (Mainland Europe only model) Curb weight 829 kg MOT tested until the 3rd of February 2021 Both keys are present Non-smokers car Odometer reads 377,404 km (Lupo is still used occasionally so milage rises) Full options (see list below) Extensive service history with receipts to back this up History First registered in 2003 in Germany. Exported to the Netherlands in July 2010. I bought it in April 2014. Since 2014 the Lupo has taken me to countries such as Germany, Luxembourg, England, Wales, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland and also the Czech Republic. Northern Spain in particular was a joy to cross (see photo at the deer statue). The model number 3L stands for a diesel consumption of 3 liters per 100 kilometers. In reality, fuel consumption ranges from 3 to 5 liters per 100 kilometers, depending on wind, temperature and whether or not you are in a hurry. Options This model is equipped with all possible options that a 3L could be equipped with at the time. - Air conditioning - Central locking with remote control - Electric windows - Electric sliding / tilting roof - Electric mirrors - Front fog lights - Heated seats - Heated windscreen washers - Heated wing mirrors - Parcel shelf (was also an option!) - Power steering - Remote Alarm - Seat airbags Modifications Since purchase in April 2014, various madifications have been made, such as replacing the gray interior with a fresh red / gray interior, installing headrests in the rear seat, installing cruise control and remapping the engine with improved software (see photo power graph). The remap has upped the power from 63 hp/145 Nm to 91 hp/210 Nm, making it a nippy motorway flyer. Service Over the years, extensive maintenance has been carried out, with no shortcuts in quality. All services receipts are present, as well as the fuel receipts, photos and all kinds of documents related to this Lupo. Except of its service history: gearbox rebuild by 3L specialists Ecomotive, cat delete downpipe installed by 3L specialists JB Autoservice, periodic transmission base settings (carried out every 15,000 km instead of the recommended 30,000 km!) by 3L specialists EJR Autotechniek. Engine oil is changed every 15,000 km with Castrol Edge Professional Longlife III FST 5W-30 fully synthetic. Small niggles The Lupo shows age-conform signs of wear. There is a scratch on the passenger side front wing and a dent in the passenger side sill. Oil consumption is about 1 liter at 2,000 miles. The timing belt needs replacing. The drivers side door catch is defective. Drivers side seat heating lower section does not work. The sliding/tilting roof needs adjusting because it may leak. Power steering occasionally throws an error code. Bits Also for sale: 4 original magnesium alloy 3L wheels with Michelin Alpin winter tyres £150 1 original magnesium alloy 3L wheel £25 2 used Bridgestone tyres £20 for the pair 1 bespoke MDF ported and carpeted subwoofer enclosure, suitable for 15” subwoofer £35 1 set original VW Lupo roof rack with 2 sets of keys and mounting hardware £50 1 set original folding rear windows £60 1 used original 3L r/h aluminium alloy front wing in matching colour (no damage) £30 1 used Lupo 3L engine (designation AYZ) including ancillaries (± 220.000 km) £300 Please do contact me if you're interested. Car is in Lelystad, the Netherlands and can be transported to the UK at a reasonable fee.
  10. For sale: Lupo 3L aluminium alloy bootlid Colour: black Comes complete with gas struts, brake light, wiper motor, interior trim, and door handle Does not come with wiring loom (see photos) Can be delivered en route between Folkestone - London (M25 south) - Milton Keynes - Northampton - Leicester - Derby Delivery April/May, pending the Corona situation £150 obo
  11. For sale: Lupo 3L aluminium alloy bootlid Colour: silver Does not come with gas struts, brake light, wiper motor, interior trim, wiring loom or door handle Can be delivered en route between Folkestone - London (M25 south) - Milton Keynes - Northampton - Leicester - Derby Delivery April/May, pending the Corona situation £75 obo
  12. For sale: New oem Lupo 3L aluminium alloy r/h door Part number 6E0 831 051 AM Suitable for electric window (no window winder hole present, see photos) Can be delivered en route between Folkestone - London (M25 south) - Milton Keynes - Northampton - Leicester - Derby Delivery April/May, pending the Corona situation £175 obo
  13. For sale: Lupo 3L aluminium doors and bootlids Hoarding has gone a bit too far and I need room to get a project started. I have 5 sets of early 3L doors, which means they have manual window winders. Doors come with door cards, grab handles etc. Doors are in good condition but not mint. 1 set in red 1 set in dark green 1 set in light green 1 set in grey 1 set in black Doors are £75 each, preferrably sold in pairs. Pics to follow shortly. Also, I have 3 rare early aluminium bootlids, complete with interior trim, brake light, wiper etc. Even the correct gas struts (for alloy bootlids) are included. Wiring loom is cut off where it exits the bootlid so this needs replacing. Bootlids are otherwise in good condition. 2 in grey 1 in light green Bootlids are £85 each. Pics to follow shortly. Doors and bootlids can be delived en route anywhere between Folkestone/Dover and Derby (M20 - M25 south/westbound - M1 jct 24) early 2018. Cheers, Niek p.s. my whatsapp is on 0031 6 48410165
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