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  1. You do because the bumper doesn't line up with standard wings and grill diffrent so not sure weather you can keep standard bonnet
  2. well atm ive got a dolphin grey audi a4 on rotiform neu's but thats up for sale as of next month to make way for golf again ....... but what shape i have not decided
  3. right im sorry this was not updated much ever ..... but its time has come ..... today i sold my lupo to a fellow club member (VR6) and from what i found out by talking to him hes build a few Volkswagens in his life time so watch out for what hes got in mind cause i have a feeling hes got big plans
  4. Can someone find him on here and link me to his build thread as I'm on my phone and the search is limited :/ many thanks
  5. Hey I was wondering if anyone knew who brought niallods cage from his Lupo as I want to look into one for my Gti many thanks nick
  6. i hear pslots look great on a lupo and theres a set with tyres in the classifieds. 4x100, 14"
  7. I can add pictures to the post just can't add the display photo to it it keep saying upload error :/ thanks for getting back so fast
  8. mods please fix the classifieds ive tried to create a ad for selling my car but it wont let me upload a cover pic so i cant create the ad please fix this nick
  9. ask dale in the traders section
  10. how much would the drivers window glass be ? and also how much for the black roof gutter insert ?
  11. some people really are the lowest of the low . and id be saying to the garage i want a real good price on the gearbox now. and i bet the robbers got a shock of there lives when they got to that speedbump. hope the car is sorted soon though . and its back on the road . and ill look out for you next time im out and about .
  12. i think its "amazming" i love when people make spelling errors but seriously ........ i dont know why so many bids . ive seen less modified cars go for less
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